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The squared iPhone game is a unique, interesting, captivating and a game changer for the IPhone market. It may be termed as a complete package entailing fun and creativity. It is not only full of wit but also a timely challenge that entails proper time management. The application can be termed as one whose merits overlook it’s advantages,captivating, irresistible, non of these attributes fully express it’s nature.The application is mostly suitable as it is mostly compatible to not only majority of, but the major operating systems mainly supported by the following iOS 10.2 or later, iPhone, I pad and I pad with touch. These compatibility settings on the above operating systems make it easier and susceptible to use.

Consequently,this results in guaranteed access by apple clients, customers and fanatics. Thus as a result maximizing users and clients able to access the service comfortably.The game is basic in it’s setting. It involves tapping the green squares amongst the racing squares racing down your screen. The racing down of the squares are tied down to a timely challenge where the player is bound to tap on the green squares only. In any incidence however, that the player taps on the purple squares, that marks the end of the game.The amazing game rated 4+ is at it’s epitome, at the early levels of the game, the time period the gamer is expected to tap the green squares for a successful win is relatively longer to allow the gamer to adapt and relate with the game comfortably. the game gets interesting as the levels advances as the time period reduces.

The gamer’s reaction is also expected improve as level progresses. The determination of the player to make it over the levels makes it interesting. Just like a stubborn challenge it is so irresistible that you cannot stop at nothing other than proceeding to the subsequent level.The easiness attached to the subsequent advance from one level to the next is a consistent motivation to the gamer. Imagine of a an ultimate challenge that offers you a chance of advancement at any slightest success. This is exactly what the squared game for I pad and I phones offers. The gaming experience is universal to all audiences, with no limits to any ages or social classes or cultural backgrounds, it creates a uniform level platform for access to all users of the compatible operating systems and is eligible for use across the board irrespective. In addition, the game seeks to exalt the gamers critical thinking skills as they seek to overcome the witty challenges.

However, the game setting fails in that it fails to offer incentives in overcoming daily challenges. it instead offers mere streaks. This results in prolonged periods of being stuck in some stages. This emerges as a major predicament that requires better improvement.The games levels are also limited, considering the addictive nature of the game that keeps you on toes to keep on advancing. Another parameter that’s lags, the top screen should be adjusted in order to enable the player to identify whether or not they can use coins when they are out of moves.

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