Staples eReader – Curious To Know How Fast You Read?

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eReaders or E-book readers are on the growing side of demand and popularity in recent times. eReaders are portable devices that are light, having the capacity to store thousands of books in one convenient device, enabling people to buy new books, magazines and newspapers right from the device and also share or borrow such books and magazines from friends. An eReader is a term used to portray the device that holds all the digital books, information and publications. Various eReaders are now being introduced in the market by leading manufacturers. The competition is very fierce and they come up with various aspects and features to make their products more alluring than the others in the industry.

How fast can you read on an eReader?

Staples, the prominent stationery supplies retailer in the US and their eReader folks have introduced an entertaining and intriguing application that tests and evaluates the reading speed of people. It also tells exactly how long a person would take to read certain famous classics and compares the reading speed of that person with national reading speed averages and standards. Prolific readers who have the habit of reading extensively are also benefited as the application can also determine how many eBooks a person can read consecutively before draining out the eReader’s battery.

How does it work?

The application instructs the user to read a certain page from one of the famous classic titles such as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland or War of the Worlds. Once the user finishes reading the page, it questions the user about a few aspects from the reading. The application then processes the information and compares it with other people. The results show how long a person took to read the page, how many questions were answered correctly, how many words the reader could read in a minute and how much faster or slower the person is as compared to the averages of other groups or the national average.

It is often said that a good book is very hard to put down. eReaders have taken the place of books as well as laptops or personal computers, which used to be the sources of reading for people. eReaders are specially designed to display e-books with their E ink display. They have the ability to reproduce the actual look and feel of real paper on their display. The font size can be easily adjusted to make reading easy. Each eReader comes with various options such as document viewing, internet browsing and also email and numerous applications. They are less expensive and lighter as compared to tablets and their battery life is commendable as it can last for a very long period of time when compared to any other form of electronic gadget. And with the new application from Staples, it is possible to determine how long the person would take to read an e-book, whether the eReader’s battery can go on till the person finishes reading and most importantly how much the person is able to retain after reading!

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