Star Splitter 3D – Wanna be a Space Explorer?

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Star Splitter 3D is a game that has fared extremely well in the app market. Not only has it been a great success as an Android app but has also now made its way into the App Store. With this game, you are allowed to go exploring a large number of galaxies, while avoiding asteroids and also destroying space ships that you come across in all the galaxies. By doing so, you win points that shall help you make it to more areas and give you a chance to grab some extra ships too.

This iOS app is known for its addictive gameplay and mind-blowing graphics. You are on a special spaceship and need to go on an intergalactic adventure. And keep a watch out for other ships that could harm your exploration. And one asteroid can spoil your dream and shatter it to pieces. Earn points and use them to win weapons and upgrade your spaceship. In case you do not win enough points, you might even have to shell out some real money from your pocket to upgrade your ship.

The controls are very appropriate. Use an accelerometer or joystick to gain control of the spaceship. The former works better and gives you a better control over the flight. There are wonderful sensitivity, sound effects, music and other things that you can control and customize under the Settings of this app. Also, there is a very helpful ‘Help’ section which will guide you and provide you all the info you need about the app.

The space ships have been given a very detailed texture and the environments of the galaxy have been made very colorful. The menu boasts of superb graphics too. Every time you explore an area, a wide range of statistics is provided to you so that you can get a good overview of your progress thus far. The menu can also be viewed at all times for these statistics.

With each exploration, you open the key to further missions, which keeps you wanting to play more. This app is free of cost but you might have to spend on upgrading your ship unless you can earn enough points on the game itself to cover it all. There are altogether 3 ships you get for the game, with only one of them being unlocked in the beginning. To unlock the others, you have to win points in the game. If you wish to play this game for free, then you will miss out on many features and good content.

If you are a space lover and would like to get an actual feel of space, then the graphics of this game will sure give you an explorative feel in space. The graphics are splendid and so are the controls, with good sensitivity options in both the joystick and the accelerometer. To set your aim needs a good amount of practice and is quite an art worth mastering. Besides this, the game has been done very well and is very promising indeed.

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