Star Trek Wrath of Gems: Become a Captain of Your Own Ship

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Star Trek Wrath of Gems is a free-to-play game for iOS and android devices. It is a recently released app whose premise was conceived from both the original Star trek Universe movie and The Next Generation. Wrath of Gems game is a decorated and high-paced with some battle features. If you happen to be an enthusiast of similar games such as Puzzle Troopers, Puzzle Quest, and other related titles, then Star Trek Wrath of Gems will be the ideal match for you.

The game speaks its story through animated acts between levels. The story is the similar to the one in the Star Trek movie. Each gaming level features many trials available, with each level unlocking a new prize that you had aimed in advance. The game features three play modes: diplomatic encounters, one-on-one battles, and starship battles. As the captain, you have the power to sell your characters or evolve them.

The game lets you help guard the federation of planets, embarking on deadly battles between the Romulans and Klingons and Starfleet. You will have the chance to fight for your planet and defeat the enemies of peace and justice.

Even though it is a free-to-play game, it comes with in-app purchases.

Key features

  • Through the trading card system, you can acquire booster packs; discover all characters inside them and spaceship to complete your space mission. Form your team with brave members, each with unique talent and abilities and together you can win special packs.
  • Develop your team and spaceships and gain new combat skills. Evolve your team to make the best crew ever! Help each of your characters to unlock their potential of becoming heroes.
  • Use your preferred ships, characters, and races from TOS and TNG. Have an opportunity to be fight from the same battle front with legends like Sulu, Scott, Uhura and help them win the battles. Build your reputation and become part of the Trek universe.
  • Recruit your team wisely and lead them to ambitious battles and sensational missions. Fill your territory with incredible spaceships and use them in space wars such as Klingon bird of prey , Romulan, or USS enterprise
  • 3 warfare modes: exciting one-on-one battle, spaceship wars, and diplomatic duels between the rulers of the Galaxy.
  • Two different battles with invisible quests from both story and versus modes.
  • Participate in weekly contests, beat your friends and win big prizes! Compete with other players from all parts of the world and finish at the top in the standings.


  • 3 different play styles
  • Fun gameplay
  • Excellent theme, the game has good graphics


  • Buggy : the app won’t always load
  • Overpowered gem damages
  • Expensive in-app purchases
  • Unbalanced abilities

Star Trek Wrath of Gems is an easy-to-play game full of fun. The most important feature about it is straight Bejeweled, unlike other games where you have to transfer the gems across the screen. This makes it easier for you to finish the current battle faster and start a new venture. It is rare to find that kind of feature in other games. With this feature you could also swap up and down or left and right thus making it a decent game overall.

Worth Having App – Download for iosDownload for Android


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