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StarDroid is a 2-Dimensional science fiction game developed and made available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices by Krauss and Boll Software. In fact it is the software’s second popular application after Corli application was released and made available by the software based in Kiel, Germany. It is categorised as a brilliant action and adventure shooter game based on science fiction. The game setting is in the future specifically in space with a lot of unmanned spaceships moving and drifting aimlessly or without course around the galaxy generating chaos for galaxy’s space traffic. The mission and objective of the game as a robot, is to save the galaxy’s traffic by boarding the spaceships and destroying them.


The game has some features that make it enjoyable and interesting to play. Game features include;

  • Great mixture of action, explorer and puzzle
  • Finding way to reactor of the spaceship
  • Placing bombs to free the way
  • Exploring everything by discovering many secret and hidden rooms
  • Very beautiful and captivating Pixel Art
  • Easy controls
  • Boss wars or fights
  • Humorous and amusing conversations in a great storyline
  • Amazing theme tunes

Requirements and Specifications

To be able to get, play and enjoy the game application, some device specifications are necessary;

  • iPad, iPhone and iPod touch device.
  • iOS 6.0 or later versions
  • 18.7 MB of free space

The game in fact runs smoothly on iPad 2 and 3, iPhone 4S or later versions. The game also supports English, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Korean languages.

Game Play

Using simple in-game controls, the game depends on the player to board and destroy 5 different spaceships with each of the spaceships consisting of 8 decks hence giving or allocating the player a total of 6 hours of enjoyable playtime. Achieving this objective requires the player to negotiate or track their way to the last or final deck which is the spaceship’s reactor, reachable after battling past many robots, looking for coins, hidden rooms, key cards and rare artefacts. On reaching the final deck, spaceship’s reactor, the player is required to defeat or beat the spaceship’s commander and in-plant or place a bomb inside the spaceship’s reactor so as to destroy it completely. Game can be difficult at times for some players but in-app purchases can be made to acquire coins which can be exchanged for different in-app features and extra lives.

Pricing and Availability

StarDroid 1.0 is fairly priced at $0.99 US Dollars or equivalent of this amount in other money systems or currencies. Application is available worldwide in or through the App Store specifically in the Games category. First it is purchased from the store and subsequently downloaded and installed to the device. Game consist IAPs to purchase in-game coins which can be further exchanged for various amazing in-game features. The game will be made available for both Kindle and Android devices in the near future.


The game has so far been rated 9+ due to infrequent and mild cartoon or fantasy violence which is a good rating even though the game is two dimensional. It is very easy to play the game as long as one knows the basic game controls and main objective of the game. Generally it is a fun game to play to pass on or kill time.


Even though the game is fantastic it has some downfalls. The game does not support multiplayer options, only single player option, which at times can be boring. There are also no free downloadable or trial versions, for the game is only available on priced platform and cannot be accessed or played online. Additionally the game is only limited to Apple devices including iPhone, iPod touch and iPad but the good news is that the software is working to make the game available in Android and Kindle devices.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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