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Today, I am introducing to you an app called the Start from Celltick! It manages the cobble together. The app is designed to modify lock screens. It gets rid of the vanilla stock and replaces it with a slicker and more modern approach to unlocking a device. With the Start app, you can turn the lock screen into a completely smart and attractive start screen. Also, the app will make your phone secure, personalized and very organized.

Enjoy the funny quizzes, choose the jaw-dropping lock screen themes including interactive wallpapers. Access contacts, your ideal apps, and even media. Get news updates, social network alert, and weather notifications. Take a selfie and much more on your home screen without unlocking your phone!

Features of the app.

1. Concept and Functionality

The start is an Android App designed to help modify the lock screens. It removes the vanilla or stock offering entirely and replaces it with a slicker and modern approach to unlocking devices.
After installing the Start, you will see many new items on unlock. Here are some of them:
-The flywheel to drag upward.
-Super standard slide bar for accessing your phone.
The app install will add small colored tabs that can be swiped for access to any part of your phone. In case you want to access the music that is playing, just pull the Red Playback tab and edit the track, volume or anything you need. Need to access your photos quickly? The app features an attractively placed tab for easy access to photos. The same applies to brightness, WiFi, Facebook and host of things.

The app puts all functionality at your fingertips in a very simple, attractive and swipe happy manner. Also, if you dislike what there is, simply edit the Start Setting panel. It is very easy to swap the whole set out.

2.Design and Interface

Start is a smooth operator cranked without any problem. The interface is stunning, something not many Apps possess. The Start is quite minimal, intelligently laid out and very colorful!

3. Additional Features

The Android app has a lot of additional features:

-Simple navigation. The feature has a single swipe that allows you to call, take photos, message, browse pictures, listen to music and even launch apps.

-Selfie camera. Take selfies by accessing the front camera. Edit it right from the start screen. Life has never been this amazing.

-Smart search. It enables you to look for apps, contacts and to do a web search. Enjoy the features supporting standard and voice search.

-Social networks that enable you to view the social media page right from the lock screen.

-Notifications manager. With the Start app, important notifications will always be right in front of you.

Pros of the app.

-Enhances the mobile security and privacy.

-Enables you to have quick access to all important things on your phone.

-With the interactive themes, you can pick the most beautiful, attractive wallpaper for your phone.

Start Android app is the new gateway to an amazing phone lock screen. Get a chance to take selfies, view pictures, listen to music, get news notifications and much more. With the app features such as simple navigation, smart search what more can you look for. Install the Start now and enjoy the benefits of using your phone while it’s on the home screen.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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