Start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of most attractive business model in modern day world. The global finance market is changing and most people are ready to invest in Cryptocurrencies. There is a good business scope in this market segment

Apart from Technology, Security and Brand, the investors are more attracted towards the User Experience and the Support. This makes it possible for the new business and start-ups

CryptoEx is a full featured cryptocurrency exchange software delivered as white Label solution. It is designed to start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange.

The software solution is developed in Laravel PHP Framework and VueJS. It uses the Ubuntu & Ngnix as server technologies. Pusher is used for realtime notifications and update broadcasting.

The cryptocurrency exchange solution is developed based on the Order Book Concept. Any registered user can post Buy Offer or Sell Offer for fiat-crypto pair or crypto-crypto pair. The buy offer and sell offer matched based on Price and Quantity Matching Algorithm.

If you plan to start your own cryptocurrency exchange business, you can checkout the Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Demo available.


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