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Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) as the name implies results from infections transferred from one person to another due to sexual contact and behavior which refers not only sexual intercourse but kissing, oral-genital contact and the use of sexual “toys” like vibrators as well. The month of April is considered as STD awareness month. The reason that this has been gaining more awareness and attention in today’s times is due to the fact that STDs are now found most commonly amongst people in the age group of 15 to 24. The younger sect of population is the highest group of carriers of this infection. A number of tools have been developed to help youngsters overcome their inhibitions and understand the risks involved in sexual intercourse before indulging in them. The STD Risk Calculator that is available online is one such option that people can utilize to determine their chances of getting STD infection.

How does the STD Risk Calculator work?

The STD Risk Calculator is an online and mobile application that lets you assess the possibility of having picked up an STD infection such as HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and HPV. It provides an idea of what are the chances of you having become infected with a bacteria or virus during sexual activities. The process is broken down into four steps:

1. The first step is to provide true personal data about your partner and yourself. Sometimes, the partner’s infections are known. But in cases where it not known for sure, the application makes use of reliable research population data along with his personal information to assess whether the partner would belong to the sexually high-risk group.
2. A thorough report on the attributes and aspects of sexual activity is collected from the user such as whether or not condoms were used etc. This information is critical as it is the basis to assess the probability of obtaining an infection based on various risks of sexual activities.
3. The application makes use of complex risk metrics and methodology informed by reviewed and tested research that take into consideration factors that influence the possibility of infection. It analyzes all details provided by the user along with certain external inherent factors present in the nature of sexual activities itself.
4. A detailed report is then made available to the user that gives extensive details on the probability of being infected. It indicates risk factors as well. This enables a person to improve their sexual health in the future by avoiding and reducing the risks mentioned.

Reliability: A Key Factor

The STD risk calculator is considered a comprehensive tool from a theoretical stand point. It makes of science and mathematical laws to assess level of risk and probability of being infected. On the other hand, there are certain real time external influences that might limit the purpose of the tool. When the user provides information about their personal sexual habits, there is no assurance of the level of integrity in them. So, the tool can be used as a guide to give a ballpark idea about the chances of being infected and analyze risk factors involved.

Since the application is governed by California Online Privacy Protection Act, the users are ensured of the privacy and security of their personal information. The STD Risk Calculator is definitely a tool which serves the current needs of the society and can be effectively utilized by people for their well being.

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