Stick Run Mobile : Bet You Can’t Stop Running

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What’s new on the mobile gaming scenario? An adrenaline packed game with over 40 million likes and 6 million frequent users on facebook. If you love to play games on your mobile phones, if you are looking for a never ending game that keeps you interested and come back time and again for more fun, if you are in need of a game that never lets you sleep, then ‘Stick Run’ is for you!

With several different features packed into one single game, stunning graphics and flawless game-play, Stick Run is for those who have super reflexes and are adept at making split second moves. It is sure to keep you engrossed for the better part of the day.

Stick Run is an arcade and action game designed by a 16-year old student from Germany; Manuel Otto. Players only require to keep running throughout the game. The highest scores go to those who run furthest across a randomly generated side-scrolling level, tackling numerous obstacles. There are glass panes and wooden crates which are placed either singly or in stacks, which have to be avoided. Also if you smash headlong into walls or run into rotating saw blades, the game is up and you start over. Sounds easy? Difficult? Try it out yourself on your Android device.


  • The current version of Stick Run Mobile is 1.4.3.
  • The file size is 21 MB and takes some time to download.
  • It requires Android version 1.5 and later.
  • Stick Run for Android has been published by Nekki GmBH.
  • It can be played on both single player and multiplayer mode.
  • The game different has different challenges which are intriguing to play and master.
  • There are statistics on the number of rounds played, won and lost apart from the number of boxjumps, coins, high scores and XP. Quite a lot to play for and there is one for everyone to ace.
  • You can not only use the coins in the game, but also get super slots and premium shop items.
  • There is an awesome amount of character customization which can be done. One gets a choice of 9 different skins, 3 game backgrounds, 18 interesting head dresses, 7 eyes and mouths each and 3 pairs of shoes! Fashionistas have a field day.
  • Not only do you pit your scores against others, you also get to flaunt the numerous achievements available in the game, for instance, the number of coins earned, the distance run etc.
  • The game has a comfortable two-thumb control on mobile.
  • There are 3 different powerups available for the player.
  • Multiplayer not enough for you? For the competition mongers, here is real time multiplayer in the game. Compete against people from across the world.
  • Guess what, if you are really good, you might make it to the world leaderboard.
  • Apart from skipping obstacles, you also get to collect interesting items and coins during your run.
  • Many users of the game have reported bugs which have been fixed in the new version.
  • Users complain that Stick Run tends to crash a lot and there are problems in synchronizing the game on the mobile with facebook.

Summary: Stick Run is an exciting, challenging and yet a simple game which everyone can play for a power packed experience.

Good: The game has interesting challenges, great character customizations and achievements, scores and statistics to flaunt.

Bad: There are problems syncing the game with facebook and users report of frequent crashes.

Download the App : For Android | For iOS


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