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Sticker Market, an application found in the App Store, brings about a fancy and an eloquent way to express yourself to the others while you chat with them in an application of your choice. It’s an all-in-one podium with a bunch of stickers, GIFs and fancy face emojis.

You can demonstrate exactly what you feel by choosing the most appropriate expression and spice up the conversation while having some fun. Simply install the application and create an account using an existing Facebook or a Gmail account, if you already don’t have one. Once the logging in is successful, install the application in your keyboard and allow full access to it. If you haven’t already done this, the application guides you step-by-step. Once you’re through with this, upon launching the application a screen pops up asking you to select any one from, StickerMarket, StickerCam or the Stickerkeyboard. Once you choose that too, you can download the genre or the type or the theme you want in your StickerMarket and toy around with your friends and family.To use, tap on the Sticker Market icon and follow the instructions. Once done, fiddle and explore through the application where there are numerous stickers and GIFs and share with others exactly whats on your mind. This application has tons of colourful, expressive and striking stickers which once used, you wouldn’t want to stop getting your hands off them.


Its free of cost, most of the applications which allow you to get stickers and customised content are paid these days. So this being a free application is worth a try.-Gives a wide variety of stickers to choose from.-Covers numerous emotions and events to be more expressive. It covers a lot of cartoons for expressions and attractive text used for wishes or Birthdays etc. -Keyboards can be used in WhatsApp and other applications of your choice, plus its quite easy to install the keyboard too.-Pictures get saved in the Camera Roll directly which saves your time to copy from the application and then using them.-The layout is simply arranged and easy to understand and there isn’t any complexity in the procedure of logging in either.


The built-in camera takes time to focus on the face and doesn’t spot the area immediately.-Creating emojiFace were a little tough and they did not seem too realistic either.-The quality of the stickers can be improvised a bit.

Thus, all in all, this application is a great install and I’ve used this with a few people while conversing with them on iMessage and WhatsApp and they’ve wanted to use such fancy stickers too. It’s an amazing substitute for the basic emoji keyboard and helps you avoid monotony. The best thing about this application is not only the tailored keyboard but the amount of creation. My favourite out of all will be the StickerCam which allows you to experiment and have fun with a lot of accessories, faces, expressions and the backgrounds. You should definitely give it one try and see it taking over your basic and primary emoji keyboard.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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