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Bad habits such as smoking, drinking, etc. often interrupt you somewhere in your life and prevent you from achieving your goals. They affect your health both mentally and physically and most importantly, they waste your time as well as energy. So, why don’t you try to quit them completely so that you can live a healthy life? Is there anything to do about it?

Suppose, you are a smoker and want to quit smoking. Just think about it! Nicotine is incredibly addictive and it needs a full determination to quit. Can you live without it or want to continue your life as a smoker? If you really want to quit, then it’s quite good for your health and your family. There are different methods for quitting smoking either by guidance or a web app and one of them is “Stop Smoking Helper”. It’s an app which is meant to help you in your smoking cessation period. It is developed by Roxoft and it is compatible with any Android device having the latest version of the Operating System.

You can use the app by simply installing it. You don’t need to register on the app. Just fill some mandatory details about you such as: Birth Date; your sleeping hours; number of cigarettes you smoke in a day; how many cigarettes are there in a pack; price of one pack; etc. When you smoke, just press the cigarette button and it will add on your number of cigarettes smoked. It monitors everything such as smoking habit statistics, impact on health and money, etc. A simple action after every cigarette smoked will guide you through your cessation process and provide interesting information about how much you have reduced smoking, what is its effect on your overall health and how much money you have saved in the process.

Smoking is very dangerous to your health and it reduces the amount of oxygen taken which can cause even death also. You can read every information about this in the app which will help you to stop smoking and live a happy life. It monitors the amount of Carbon Monoxide formed, Nicotine and level of Blood Pressure in your body.It motivates you at every step when you smoke so that you can reduce smoking immediately or in a few days. There are over 40 achievements of this app which keeps you motivated.

The Stop smoking helper is a wonderful app for those who are determined to quit smoking. It will definitely help you, I am sure. The graphics of the app are quite good and everything is well maintained. You can see your progress from the day you started using this app and see how much time is taken in quitting smoking. You can guide and help others also and introduce about this amazing app. You can download it from the Google Play Store. It is totally available for free. Try it now and Stop deteriorating yourself!

PROS: unique app; reduce smoking gradually; motivator in cessation period; monitors smoking habit statistics; monitor impact on health and money; monitors CO, nicotine, BP, etc. ; free.

CONS: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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