Storganeyes – A Novel Way to Catalogue Your Artifacts at Home

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Most of us would start searching for an item at home only when we desperately need it. We would find surely find the item, only that, it may not be at the desperately-need-it time. It will always be at a later point of time that frustrates you. What if we have an app that acts as our temporary brain to store the information about these mundane things? Great! Right? I can already see your eyes wide open. Yes, Storganeyes does it for you. Its acts as a virtual organizer that contains bins (to be named by you), that can be stored in categorized spaces namely garage, basement, attic and other storage spaces.


  • Storage spaces are organized into default ones like garage or can have a custom name created by the user.
  • Each storage space contains bins that are created as per need to hold multiple items. These bins can be customized too with our own color codes.
  • Create the item that you want to store by entering its name and other details and store it in your bin. Each item can also contain a photo that helps in the item retrieval.
  • The search feature of this app automatically prompts the user to make the right entry of the item to be searched. So no worries if you are unable to recollect the exact name under which you have stored the item.

The photo feature has to be the main highlight of this app as we can use the already existing photos or can take new ones. Specifically we can click a picture of the item as it is stored. This app is highly efficient in situations where you are shifting your house or spending a day to re organize things in your house. The most rewarding part is at the time of item retrieval where you have to spend minimal time to search for the item of your requirement than you would without the use of this app.

Pros with minimal cons

Storganeyes developed by 5 Spot Inc. is a spot-on app that recognizes the actual need of the people out there and is designed to help them out to save more time on their calendars. The only overhead to this app may be to spend more time on entering the names, descriptions and photos of the items. But this might seem next to nothing when considering its advantages.


This first version of Storganeyes is available for a reasonable $1.99 on the App Store and is installable on iOS 4 and above on iPhone 3GS+, all versions of iPad and iTouch 3rd / 4th generation. The trademark quality of Apple Inc. is visible in the smooth transitioning of screens and the delightful colors of the app. The delectable search feature is put together by intelligent suggestions as and when the user types the search item for this exclusive and advanced residence organizer. Storganeyes’ icon, with its cute pair of eyes, itself beckons ‘Dude, I am here to help you reorganize your living space’.

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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