Stylematic App: A Must-Have for Fashion Fanatics

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When online shopping first became possible, it was a revelation for fashion fanatics everywhere. Retail suddenly became a global village and it was finally possible to get more sizes, colors and styles than were typically offered at your average mall at the touch of a button.

However, now that everyone is online, online shopping can get overwhelming. Every major brand name store has an online variation. In addition to that, there are a ton of cute little boutiques that have no brick-and-mortar locations, yet still have a lot to offer. It’s hard to know where to look for the things you love or even where to start. Also, many retail websites simply aren’t set up for mobile browsing which can make it difficult to peruse categories or see how something will really look in real life.

Enter Stylematic: a new iOS app that streamlines the online shopping experience and allows you to easily find fun, fashionable looks right on your smartphone or tablet.

The Stylematic Stream

Stylematic simplifies online shopping by allowing you to see what’s hot right now. The app is community-driven, so you see an endless stream of trending pieces and most-loved looks. There are thousands of users online and using the app, so there’s always something fresh to look at. If you absolutely love something, you can buy the item immediately in just a couple of clicks. If you’re interested but not ready to commit to purchase, you can simply save the item to your closet for later and keep right on shopping.

Build Your Own Stylematic Closet

Remember Cher’s virtual closet in the classic 90s comedy “Clueless?” How much were you dying for your own version of that as a little girl? Great news– Stylematic brings that capability to life! You can add your own pieces to your Stylematic closet, and then mix and match with the pieces you’ve saved to preview how entire outfits will look.

Stylematic Sharing and Feedback

The app is also useful in helping you discover your own personal style. Snap a selfie and then upload it to Stylematic. This will allow you to get opinions or gather suggestions from a vast community of professional stylists as well as fellow fashionistas.

Stylematic is also packed with social sharing capabilities. Anytime you create a new outfit or a collage of items you love, Stylematic allows you to share these to social networks like Facebook and Instagram. If you’re not ready to debut your new look in the public eye quite yet, Stylematic also lets you share your creations one-on-one, so you can text or email them to friends privately.

Our Verdict

All in all, Stylematic is a great way to see more of the items you love and simplify the online shopping experience. It definitely helps cut down on aimlessly perusing Pinterest or skipping around from site to site. Stylematic will even save you time when it actually comes to trying on and styling outfits because you can put together entire looks right within the app. If you love fashion and sharing your love with the world, Stylematic is definitely worth checking out.

Stylematic is free and available for download on iTunes.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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