Sugar Crush HD, A Candy Saga: A Colorful Game

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People love playing arcade games which are level based and colorful to look at. There may be many such games in the plays store but many of them will ask for a Facebook connection while others would not be as colorful as they promise to be. At the same time there is graphics problem in many games that you have downloaded. However, with sugar crush HD, all these problems are tackled properly and you are left with a game that is made for pure entertainment. It is a combo based games where you will have to get combo of three or more similar candies to move ahead.

Sugar Crush HD, A Candy Saga is presented by Tapgames and the game play is quite similar to a popular game in the store. However, it is the sweetest version of match three games with so many levels and so many candies to collect. There are around 4 episodes in the game and the levels are more than 216. You never know you may get new levels in the future and will be able to enjoy the game for long.  The game rules are quite simple. You just need to change position of the adjacent candies and create a line of three or more similar candies. The candies will blast and you will have a sugar crush. The more blasts you can make in one move, the more will be the points.


  • The Sugar crush HD, a candy saga is a matching game of candies where you can make points by changing position of the candies and matching three or more.
  • The game provides unlimited free access to the 216 levels that are currently present in the game.
  • There are a total of four episodes in the game.
  • There is an option called level skip which will allow you to skip a level. If you are stuck in a level for several days, this is the best thing to use.
  • The game is not life based. Unlike other games where you have to ask your friends on Facebook for extra life, here you get unlimited lives to play.
  • Making the boom is easy if you concentrate on your board of candies.
  • The sound effect of the game is quite cool.
  • If you have to get to level up, you will have to reach to a minimum number of combos and a minimum of points.
  • The game is being updated every now and then and new levels are being added. The version 1.2.5 of the game is available for free.
  • The game is compatible to android 2.3.3 or later and it takes around 23 MB of your disk space.

Summary: The Sugar crush HD, a candy saga is a new game of candies and it has colorful display and great sound. The game play is quite simple and it is one of those games that you can be addicted of.

Good: The game graphics is cool and the game is available for free.

Bad: If you have played the candy game before, this game will seem to be a repetition.

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