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While image editing apps like Photoshop Express or Picnik offer almost everything to edit your photographs online, a limitation with these tools is that you cannot use them to create new images from scratch. That’s where Sumo Paint comes to benefit the users.

It is a full featured photo editing / painting application, which works right in your favorite web browser! The application can be used in Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems. The only requirement is the Flash Player which usually comes preinstalled in any OS.

It is a thriving online art community of over a 10 million unique users and over 200 000 registered members from over 200 countries. The primary purpose of the community is to create, share, remix, explore, comment, rate and pave the artwork of its members. It hosts the internet’s most versatile painting / photo manipulation application called the Sumo Paint.

There are some exciting web app ideas and add a new interest. Some are more efficacious, using new ideas to deliver powerful ways of using the tool on the web. This app has worthy of your attention to use this site.

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