Super Drag Race: Bringing Drag Racing to Life

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Do you like to feel the adrenaline rush that racing games give you as you zoom at high speeds? If you do, then Superdik Trading B.V. brings to you a crazy drag racing game called Super Drag Race. The racing goes on endlessly. Keep driving your car through numerous highways, earn more cash, buy new cars or upgrade your existing ones and then start the cycle all over again.

If you thought that racing is all about speed, then you need to think again. Drag racing is all about maintaining the right kind of balance to keep your vehicle from crashing. While there are many such games in the Play Store, not all of them are able to match up to the thrill that this app brings. It is an ideal game for car lovers across the globe.

One of the striking aspects of the game is in its graphics. Not only do they look polished but are also extremely smooth and fluid. The fabulous 3D outdoor environment will keep up the challenge and keep you glued. The 3D physics behind the game brings it to life, making you feel alive and full of energy and enthusiasm. As you get started, the game is easy to learn. However, the hard part is to master it, overcoming the innumerable challenges that are being thrown at you. The game comes with the most fabulous and classic cars including Marco mantis ‘Sunstorm’, Nissan 350Z ‘Bullet 350’, BMW, Audi R18, GT Blaze, Tsunami and many more.

There are many tracks for you to explore in the game. These range from hills to cities to stadiums to beaches to highways and a lot more. Each track brings a new challenge for you to achieve. With more practice you can improve your driving skills. The fun factor in the game is to win challenges, earn cash and then use this cash to get better. You can use this cash to upgrade your car or buy better ones. The variety of the tracks will make sure that you never tire of playing this game time and again.

The controls of the game are highly intuitive. The steering controls are so natural that you can almost feel yourself seated in the car behind the wheel and controlling it. It also comes with an inbuilt accelerometer. This, combined with the superb graphics and the endless challenge, will keep you hooked for hour on end. Feel the action of live racing surge through you as you play this drag race.

Super Drag Race is available in the Google Play Store for free download. It requires Android 2.3 or higher and 45 MB of free space on your device. Once you download the game on your Android device, it will become a challenging task to put it down easily. The superb graphics, splendid cars and the excellent 3D graphics based on real life physics give this game an edge over other racing apps in the market. This app will surely not disappoint you.

Good: Multiple tracks, 3D graphics

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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