Super Drag racing: Race Till You Drop

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If you were under the impression that racing is all about speed, it’s time you rethink this. Drag racing, one of the upcoming and popular genres of racing is all about maintaining you balance and keeping your vehicle from crashing. A number of app developers are trying their hand at it but none beats Superdik B. V. Super Drag race, an iOS app that is centred on drag racing is here to take all other apps in its niche for a ride.

The graphics of the app are stunning in their beauty and exhilarating in the thrill they provide. You can feel the adrenaline being pumped into your body as you fly at top speeds through a variety of highways. There are many unique tracks, each challenging and fun. They cover stadiums, highways, cities, hills and a lot more. Each track gives you a unique rush of adrenaline in its own way. You can almost feel the game come alive in front of your eyes with the 3D graphics and bright colors.

The game boasts of a fantastic collection of cars that will leave you in awe indeed/ each car has a touch of magic and splendour. Some of the cars include Audi R18, Tsunami, Nissan 350Z ‘Bullet 350’, GT Blaze, Macro mantis ‘Sunstorm’, BMW and more. The developers have used 3D physics to give you a real life racing experience. The movements of the cars are very smooth and are near perfect. Their polished look, smooth driving and beauty are sure to leave you spellbound.

The variety of challenges in the game is another highlighting feature. The superb 3D environment outside will surely keep you hooked for hours on end. Each track has a unique set of challenges, each full of enthusiasm and energy. Each level will introduce you to a new set of challenges. Combines with the challenge, the easy set of controls will leave you addicted as well as frustrated. This is one of those games whose controls come easy and naturally but which take a long time to master as opposed to learning.

Each time you win a level, you can earn cash from your victory. This money can then be used to better your game. To do this, you can upgrade your existing car or opt for a brand new better car. Once this is done, you can go ahead and win many more levels. This cycle is almost never ending, keeping you addicted to the game for much longer than you can imagine. Once you get started on it, putting your iOS device away will turn out to be biggest challenge of the day besides the game itself.

With intuitive controls, superb graphics and an unlimited amount of fun, this is one of those apps that you cannot miss at any cost. The app is available at the App store for free. Developed by Superdik Trading B. V, it is compatible with all iOS devices having iOS 4.3 or higher. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 

Good: Superb graphics, intuitive controls

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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