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People have quite distinct views regarding the best solution to take notes. Quite a few still fancy a scribble pad along with a pen, even if they have an iPhone in the pocket while others require an entire laptop keyboard to note down those essential bullet points.

The iPhone does the very least on its own with regards to taking notes, providing only ultra-basic Notes and Voice Recorder applications. Undoubtedly this is not a procedure that lends itself to a complicated, feature-rich app, since by their very character a note is a fast, simple recording of an idea as it whizzes through the brain and past the ear.

Super Note (Notepad) appears to appreciate this idea since it keeps its main functions quick and convenient to access. If you take a couple of minutes to establish a new note, the time has passed and you might have missed another few thoughts while you were getting prepared to record the very first one. Therefore, this app is just ever a button press away from a blank piece of virtual paper, and that is not a poor thing in any way.

However, it is different from the iPhone’s lacklustre traditional apps in appearance and instinctive organisation. First of all, Super Note appears fantastic. The buttons, backgrounds and also animations are extremely attractive and are strengthened by solid function along with incredible aesthetics.

Whenever you do not want a button, list or keyboard cluttering up the screen it could be tucked away to the side, above or below, leaving the screen real estate free of charge and useable. This user-interface needs no justification because the expand and retract button for every menu or on-screen operation is noticeable.

These portable menus consist of a four-section categorisation method that permits you to file the present note as a memo, address, note or meeting. Every group is colour coded which makes it convenient to spot the note you are searching for when observing the overall list. This really is a rock solid attribute that might be expanded on with custom made categories, which, unfortunately, the app does not offer.

Even though it was restricted to 4 categories, having the ability to assign your own personal labels would definitely be of substantial benefit (notes, as well as memos, are practically the identical thing, after all), especially for students who would like to make equivalent notes but for distinct topics. Nevertheless, the simplicity of use and fantastic presentation still can make the categorisation an outstanding addition to the armoury of Super Notepad.

A close second, nonetheless, is the voice recording function that can be turned on from within a note by pressing just a single button. The app starts recording right away from the iPhone’s mic and connects the recording to that specific note automatically. If you want to make a number of voice recordings to just one note, they are strung together with markers at the start of every phase, making it very simple to go to particular voice memos without cluttering things.

Your notes may be exported by means of email, Facebook or even Twitter, although, the character restrictions of the latter two ought to be considered while writing your notes. Emailing attaches any kind of voice recordings as personal files, making use of the Mac-focused CAF file type. Generally this is fine, but it is difficult to imagine the reason why the industry standard MP3 format is not at the least an alternative. Again, it is a small matter; however, that alternative could be a life saver for certain individuals who do not prefer QuickTime.

In general, Super Notepad sums up to the beginnings of a super note taking application that manages to keep items perfectly simple, yet intuitively operational. What it really requires now is a little user customization to allow you to craft it into the memo application that perfectly matches your particular requirements.

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