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Knowing about weather conditions is the most important factor that one should do in their day to day life. That too if you are living in a part of world where the weather conditions are adverse then it’s part of your life. Not all weather forecasts are accurate all the time. There are several applications available in the iTunes app store but very few withholds it’s standard by providing accurate forecast results to it’s users. One such iOS application is SuperWeather. If you have an apple gadget like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which has iOS 6.0 or above then you can easily download this application for free of cost. SuperWeather is optimized for iPhone 5. It won’t consume much of you iPhone disk space it takes a little less than 9MB of size.

SuperWeather is very simple application with a unique user interface. The look and feel of this application is very much unique and I have never seen in any other weather application. The background color scheme of this application varies based on the temperature of your location. The colors include all rainbow colors in the ascending order of VIBGYOR according to the increase in temperature. So just with the color you would be able to predict the weather conditions

The controls of this application is very simple, just press anywhere in the application and hold the screen for a while. A toolbar will pop with several options. The options includes changing you temperature settings from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. Also you have option to enable or disable sounds. You can enable the local weather update form the settings menu. The toolbar also has an option to add location to the weather menu. You can add location using several options like performing a search with city name/zip code, using map, using current location option and using your Facebook locations as well. Also this application is integration with Airdrop option, using which you can share the weather information across other apps which supports Airdrop.

The weather update is available for you in various formats like current weather, 24 hour forecast of the weather and one week forecast of the weather. You can switch between these modes by just swiping the screen vertically. This app also displays local time and date right in the weather forecast page, with which you don’t need to switch between apps to know the date and time. If you have added multiple locations then you can easily navigate between the locations by a simple horizontal swipe.

Pros: Very simple look and feel. Several options in one screen with a sleek controls. Provides accurate information and weather warning whenever required. They have a very useful tutorial to know more about the SuperWeather application. They also have a help menu where you can easily contact customer support if you need via email. SuperWeather is well integrated with Socual media sites.

Cons: Like any other free application, SuperWeather also has advertisements. You can remove the advertisement by spending few dollars. This application also has some Survey polls like pollfish which most users may not encourage. Alerts about newsletter signup keeps on popping which little annoying.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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