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Creating surveys and analyzing their results is not a simple task. However, the recent times have seen robust development in mobile surveys technology. Mobile surveys are efficient, streamlined and beneficial in ways that other survey formats can never match. Designed to make field surveys easier and more productive, SurveyToGo is a Tablet survey software that helps users efficiently conduct mobile field surveys operation and without loosing any information. The software has been developed by Dooblo, a mobile PDA and laptop surveys software specialist.

Features and Benefits:

When running mobile surveys on Laptops or PDAs, it is important for businesses to control field surveyors and their work mates. SurveyToGo has been designed with robust and secure features to enable businesses go the right way. The main features of the software include:

Powerful survey design and testing platform: SurveyToGo includes a range of unique features including scoring models, calculation questions, randomizing questions and answers, chapters, start and end scripts, scales, validation, looping, skipping, branching, and piping. The software also includes a feature packed desktop PDS emulator that allows users to test surveys directly from their desktop.

End-To-End Mobile Survey: The end-to-end process includes survey design, deployments, field data capture, operation management, and export to different formats.

Automatic GPS support and map integration: The software captures the GPS location of where any interview was conducted automatically.

Rich Surveys: SurveyToGo lets users capture more data including pictures, videos, signatures, and audio that can be attached to the surveys.

Field Survey Management: The software can be used in three modes – test, production and draft. The results of a survey can be monitored, modified, accessed, and managed anytime. The location of the surveyors can be viewed in real time, and permissions can be set for multiple users and groups as well. The app provides tools essential for efficient operation.

SurveyToGo has all essential features required to facilitate a big market research organization while offering productive and user-friendly features for smaller enterprises that are looking to conduct quick audits or simple customer satisfaction surveys. Some of the beneficial features of the software are listed herewith.

  • SurveyToGo runs on Windows Mobile, Windows PCs or laptops, and Android Tablets.
  • The software helps users create rich surveys with images and audio.
  • The user can create a tablet survey in less than twenty minutes.
  • SurveyToGo supports skipping, looping, branching, filtering, piping etc.
  • The software also supports rotations and randomization.
  • The offline support features lets users collect data offline.
  • The software supports multiple languages.
  • A cloud based security model supports users, permissions, and groups.
  • The software offers a complete score model for score-based surveys.
  • A desktop tablet emulator is available for fast development of surveys.
  • A quota system provides accurate samples.
  • Quality control features enhance quality by ten times.
  • Real-time view of the interviewers GPS location enhances project management reach.


SurveyToGo lets users quickly create advanced mobile surveys. Specifically designed for individuals and businesses with field data collection needs, the software proves to be a complete end-to-end mobile data collection and analysis tool.

Good: Great value for money, feature-rich, and highly customizable.

Bad: Some of the complex features could take time to get used to.

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