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Suti : Virtual Pet Game is a free-of-cost gaming application available on Apple app-store developed by Nguyen Chien. This game starts with a virtual pet Suti, a cute bean-shaped creature which needs a place to live and it is the job of the player to ensure than Suti grows and stays healthy. The player can do the needful by playing mini games which don’t seem to have an end. As you install the game and open the application, you get a tutorial with interactive colours and a very catchy background music. You also meet the protagonist, Suti all green, with wide, cheerful eyes and pink-coloured blush. The tutorial tells you what you need to do, like playing (mini games) with her when it is bored, wash it when it is dirty, feed it when it’s hungry, and even putting her to sleep and buying clothes for it with ‘coins’ which you basically have to collect. Spend more time with Suti to go up the levels and unlock more items. After the tutorial, you can choose your Suti’s own name, it’s place of birth and it’s date of birth.

As the game starts, you are right into the Game Room. You have your pet’s status bar on top which has Levels, Energy, Hunger, Life, and the number of coins. Let us now describe the rooms you get.

1) Game Room : In the Game Room, you can select toys, and then click on the screen for Suti to apparently enjoy playing with it. You gain coins when you make Suti play.
2) Bedroom : Here, you can turn off the lights for Suti to sleep by clicking on the lamp at the bottom of the screen, change her appearance, and you even get the main menu in this room.
3) Kitchen : In here, you can feed your pet by first purchasing the kind of meal and then dragging it from the plate to your pet’s mouth.
4) Bathroom : In the bathroom, you can wash your Suti by rubbing her with a scrub and you can give her medicine when she is sick by first buying it from medicine store and then dragging it to her mouth.

You can click pictures of your lovely pet, that too with different frame options and you can share them on some selected social networking sites. You can also decorate each and every room separately. The decoration corner has options like Wall, Wall Deco, Rug, Floor and Floor Deco.

Now, about the pros and cons.

Pros – An adorable game, you little kids will love the cute Suti. The colours might also help them learn. Sit with them and use this game as a learning tool. Also, the background music is beautiful, so your kids will love it. The game has a lot of things to do, from feeding, to sleeping to shop for your pet, you can do almost everything with this virtual pet which you can do with your real pet. One of the exceptions being making her sit on the lap.

Cons – This game is not for everyone. It might be fun for your kid, but it will be boring for you. Don’t waste your time and your data on this app if you are above 10 years old and you are planning to play it yourself. Also, it is a free app which has a permanent advertisements’ bar, though it is only at the top.

Final Verdict : A good game for little kids and a good chance for you to teach your kids things about colours and some basic lessons like Bathing.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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