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It is a web ranking service for website owners and marketing, search engine and technology professionals. It effectively ranks websites by web traffic, social media visibility and news coverage.

Many global users want to check their site how effective from time to time. Though you have several sites to analyze people are yet to find good ranking site. The global users who instead of relying on algorithms such as used by Alexa and Quancast it is yet to Compete and counting backlinks.

Their idea is to rank sites according to aspects such as social media and news coverage which have received. In this ranking site they take all the factors into account, a rank of its own is generated. It is the Site Visibility Rank which rank goes from 1 to 10 (with 10 denoting the most visibility).

Naturally, the degree of relevance is having will vary from one user to the other, and the importance they place on the data that is actually measured. The concept lies at its heart and quite effective.

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