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Inspiring each other and drawing energy from each other is the basis of our survival, it is how new ideas are born and great innovations are made. Even though people are more connected with one another with the help of different social media, having meaningful conversations and making note of important ideas by recognizing things which are important to one another is not happening much. This is mainly due to lack of time and the effort which takes to organize these things. is a web application which helps us to keep track of our great ideas and share meaningful social content in an exciting manner. The application has many social apps which will allow the users to do a wide variety of things such as creating birthday cards, gift lists, visual quotes, visual horoscopes, and social assistants. We will be discussing on the birthday card social app in detail.


Birthdays are the perfect occasion to show our love and care to the people we love the most, but what will happen if we forget that important day? This is not a rare occurrence; all of us are busy with our day-to-day activities. Choosing the gift and making sure it is perfect is never an easy job, but this is made easy by the Birthday Card social app of Users can create unique birthday cards and get impressive gift ideas in a stress free manner. To create birthday cards or to receive and contribute some of the best ideas to your friends, create an account with by providing your basic details. Users can also use their Facebook login credentials to login to this app.

Create customizable and personalized e-cards with the birthday card app. Users are provided with pre-defined templates where they can use the Facebook profile pictures of their friends or loved ones and create personalized e-cards in no time. Add special effects and rotate your image or edit your images and interesting quotes with back ground music just by clicking your mouse. Users can also earn points based on the votes from the members in for their publicly displayed creations of their own. Users will earn their rewards in the form of Symbucks, the creators will earn 10 Symbucks for each vote and the person who casts the vote will earn 2 Symbucks. The website will also feature the best card creations on their site.

Users can also get ideas from the mutual friends and other friends online for their birthday gift ideas. Sharing the ideas can be done in public or private. Keep track of all the ideas and make the purchase when the deal is right. The app also provides the users with price comparison options, of the prices for their stored gifts. This helps you to save money and time. Users can also set birthday alarms and reminders using this app.


Birthday Cards app at is a great way to surprise your loved ones. It also helps you to save considerable amount of money by choosing the right products. Get connected with your friends through and share your ideas and get benefited mutually.

Good – Meaningful social interaction

Bad – The website design can be updated with added features.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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