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The stock markets have always been unpredictable and intriguing in the way they change in no time. People have bet the savings on their life on it. Some have ended up losing it all while some have doubled or multiplied their savings by many. If you are looking to be a part of the latter category, you need good stock screener software. With SynVero, new stock screener software, this has been made possible and ensured for you.

SynVero covers all of the major stock exchanges of the United States- including AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE, OTC Pink and OTC. It is a simple and powerful tool that makes life easy for you with regards to stock exchanges. This software provides stock market screening, practice trading and back testing. It has now been opened up to the general public for their usage and benefit.

SynVero is not just another stock market screener. It allows a lot more functionality. It allows you to set detailed and customised criteria for your choice of stocks. Based on analyst recommendations, fundamentals and technical indicators, you can design your own filters as per your requirements. The basic idea behind the filters is governed by small pieces of logic called criterions, which connect to one another and help you filter out just what you need. This way, you can set custom settings based on logic and also have time span evaluation for event occurrences. As an investor, you can pick from over 50 data points to be displayed on charts in your results. These results can be mailed to investors at the end of each day automatically.

With the advancement of Finance Technology, it has become possible for the common man to invest and monitor their investments by themselves. They are getting more and more involved with time. This common man must be empowered with analysis tools that were once exclusively used only by brokerage firms. This is where SynVero comes into the picture. With stock market data being made available easily, SynVero provides the tools required for their analysis by the common man.

Each screening criterion can be backtested in the form of entry or exit logic. Once you set up the backtest, you need to submit it to run against the resources provided by SynVero. As an investor, you can also choose to be alerted via email once the backtest is complete and the company has provided a summary of its performance and other details. The success of the backtest depends on the amount of stock market data available. This, in turn, depends on the account level of the user.

Along with the backtesting tool and screener, SynVero also has a trade simulator tool. This uses practice trading to sharpen the skills of investors by allowing them to test themselves against historical data. No actual funds are involved in this. The free and the basic accounts allow practice trading with randomly selected securities while the pro account adds filtered results from the previous year to your historical data.

If you are looking to invest in the stock market and have pre-set requirements, you must try out SynVero. Visit SynVero on for more.

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