– Get More Customers For Your Restaurant

by | Aug 4, 2010 | Reviews | 0 comments

Tableseed is a new marketing tool that will let any restaurateur get more customers in quite a direct way. By using this service, you will be able to have customers automatically emailed when their birthdays arrive, and invited to celebrate such an important event right at your eatery. Of course, such an invitation will come with a hefty discount, in order to give them an incentive to actually spend that special day at your venue.

Taken as a whole, this kind of system is what is termed a “Birthday Email Club”. Such a concept is nothing new, actually. But Tableseed hopes to leave its mark by letting restaurant owners automate the whole process as much as possible. For example, it provides email templates and a supple database that discards bad email addresses automatically. Moreover, the tools for analyzing the effectiveness of the whole Birthday Club Program are provided. And the fact that the company takes care of actually printing birthday club sign up cards for you (and shipping them for free) simply goes into ensuring that your running costs will be kept to a bare minimum.


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