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Android, the wonder OS, is the most hip thing today considering the numerous web application programs that it provides. Yeah I can see the puzzled look on your face while you may be wondering what has friendship got to do with a web app. Well then, let me enlighten you. Market App in Android consists of close to three hundred thousand Apps today and TabSplit is one of them. It is a vendor application included in the Market App by Google. Whenever you go on a friend’s night out or a social outing with colleagues, you definitely need an expenditure manager that remembers the amount of money one has to pay another. TabSplit is the quintessential web app that manages your debts and credits without much of an effort.

A WebApp that retains the fluidity of Google:

This application is still in its Beta stage with a version number 1.4 that is installable at and above Android 2.2. It uses the phone camera to capture the image of a bill or receipt. The various items on the list and the total amount of money spent are recognized by the text recognition software. Then include all the people, who owe the money and paid the check, in the draft. The list is further organized on the phone, with each item assigned to the respective contact (friend) on the phone. In the end, a list of friends, and their respective amounts to be paid to / received from, is updated. The following are the merits of this program:

  • It is one of the first apps to capture images and read data from it.
  • A one-stop application for sharing of bills / receipts, putting together debts and loans among friends/acquaintances.
  • Recording effort requires that only the photo be taken. The rest of the details can be filled in later.
  • In the case of a complex receipt that requires payment to be shared equally, the app itself splits the amount amongst the contacts appropriately.
  • Has the ability to store back-up data and allows access to this data via an API. (TabSplit is much more efficient on a Tablet)
  • Debt data on the BillMonk site can be synced with this program.
  • Draft data can also be updated / stored on storage devices like memory cards and flash drives.
  • Ability to connect to World Wide Web.

A tool to increase productivity in Android phones:

TabSplit is originally a concept used for splitting up of tabs in a browser. Probably the developer was too accustomed to using too many tabs in a single browser that he named his bill-sharing application the same. With the invention of iPad2, the gadget world has started a new generation and TabSplit keeps up this pace by providing more flexibility and ease of use to its users. Its ability to isolate each item from a check and mark it is ingenious. Though this app is in its formative stage still, it has a great potential to capture international markets.

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