TagBeep.com – Pragmatic Monitoring App

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It is possible to come across numerous ingenious and expedient applications blossoming in day to day life and thus this expedient web application holds few profitable oriented features to International consumers. This potent web application service comes under best utilized service where it has established with several features that largely profit for the global users.

They have some cogent unique and very profitable features with lot of ameliorated techniques stated in this web application. Largely in Desktop application in case when an error is detected on your site, this potent web application will show a warning and it will play an audio alert.

With several merit oriented savors it includes dynamic URLs. In this pragmatic savor you can test the pagination and archive pages of your site with randomly generated numbers and dates. Among all other savors they have discreet Webkit. In this expedient savor you can take a bird’s eye view of your site by viewing at all the webkit rendered thumbs before digging into the saved html aptly to search for the error.

This discreet web application includes some of the savors like Bulk quick add tool , adding all of your sites in one haste step, professional Web page screenshots, aptly view what our crawlers see, potently monitoring from two locations and eventually getting the response time from USA and EU. This persuasive web application stands good for the global users and is much assuaged by the prospective users. It is also well appreciated and applauded by the global users.

Visit this site at http://tagbeep.com/ and post your reviews as comments.


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