Tangram mobile browser; efficient, faster and more productive

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Since the computing environment, experience and screen size of a mobile phone are different from PCs, the user experience is far from convenient. For those rely on mobile phones to surf the web for knowledge, information and decisions, and then you understand how using current mobile browsers can be frustrating. Having to zoom, pan and scroll so as to extract content from web pages and not to mention how difficult it is to copy information from a website using a mobile browser.

Tangram changes all this. Tangram is a new smartphone browser made by professionals for professionals that is collaborative, efficient and intelligent. The mobile browser allows you to process, store, analyse and collaborate online information faster and more conveniently.

The Tangram browser features a powerful user interface and capabilities that allow users to browse the web and share online information with friends and colleagues more efficiently and productively. Using the Tangram browser, you get to complete your browsing sessions quickly without much effort.

Features of the Tangram browser

1. Powerful.

Tangram comes with a powerful network and backend features that will help you browse, search and access the web with more power, speed and more convenience that other traditional mobile browsers.
The browsers mobile tabs have been reinvented to display only the relevant information according to your searches.

With the browsers powerful features, you no longer have to rely on a computer so as to comfortably browse the web.

2. Easy to use.

The tangram mobile browser is very easy to use. An omnipresent button is readily available for quick access search and your urls without leaving your current search session.
To create a bookmark, you just have to swipe. This will create a bookmark of the entire browsing session and not only your current web page.

Sharing your browsing sessions has also been made easy by Tangram. You can send your entire session with only one swipe.


Tangram is has been programmed using very smart algorithms that will organise your tabs, display your search results automatically and intelligently remember your entire browsing sessions allowing you to continue your interrupted browsing for convenience.

The intelligent app will also let you sync and store your entire browsing session easily.You can also save tabs for later viewing, processing or analysing. The browser will also intelligently organise your tabs according to the location, time or context. This makes it easy to analyse your data later.

The intelligent browser also lets users use the extra space provided to browse multiple sessions at the same time.


Tangram has useful features that enable the users to process conveniently, analyse and complete multiple browsing sessions efficiently.

With Tangram, freelancers, students and professionals know have a chance to get more work done using this professional browser. They no longer have to be frustrated by the limitations of an average browser and rely on the power of PC browsers to get work done.

Tangram takes mobile productivity and efficiency to the next level. The effort and time needed to start and finish your browsing sessions has been reduced by introducing the power of PC browsers to your mobile device through Tangram.


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