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Unlike other games, Tap the Frog takes a slightly new and different approach to mobile gaming since it offers a wide range of mini-games that are based around the same ominous frog. Apart from the ominous frog, this game is also packed with several other little green animals throughout the varied mini-games. While playing Tap the Frog, Speed is very important and will determine how many points you are going to score on each level. Depending on the type of level that you are on, you may either pop as many frogs as you can within the specified time limit, or you can either choose to make the frogs eat as many flies as you can. Alternatively, you can either tap to throw snowballs at the frogs, or you can tap the frogs five times to make them change their colors.

The games honed scoring system is one of the features which makes it insanely addictive. On each level, you will be awarded a certain number of points, and you will also be awarded stars on each level depending on your performance. As a player earning 2 or 3 stars on each level is going to be an easy task but earning either a 4 or 5 star can prove to be a little bit tricky. Some of the mini levels will be extremely easy while others are going to require the player’s utmost concentration and skill. It is important to note that each of these mini games has four achievements that the player can be able to earn. Upon the successful completion of each level, the subsequent level will be automatically unlocked. When it comes to presentation, Tap the Frog scores hugely with exceedingly bright visuals that are full of personality and have been packed with lovely incidental details.

Nonetheless, by looking at the graphic details of the game, one can be able to conclude safely that Tap the Frog has been geared towards the younger generation. The sound effects usually vary according to the game and serve their purpose without getting extremely annoying. Additionally, the music is okay, despite the fact that there is only one theme sound that tends to get a little bit repetitive if you sit down and listen to it for a while. On each level, you will find several mini-games that are different from one another and have different goals. If it’s the first time to play the game, you can follow the tutorial and give the game your best shot. Take as many points as you can, dress the frog and finally make the high score.

If you find yourself stuck on a specific level and want to go back to the previous, you can always press the button with a question mark on it and then read the instructions. Each of the levels will begin immediately after you see the word ready. You can always restart a level to improve your high score. All in all, Tap the Frog has no plot and no uniting thread or drive force behind the mini games. There is only a set of diversions, all of which were introduced in the game to keep the player entertained.

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