Tarelcus SE – A Sheer Entertaining Space Show

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I don’t know what they mean by ‘Tarelcus’, but if it means to be a mind boggling space maze that is full of challenges coming your way to test your mental strength to the fullest, I guess they are not at all wrong.

Tarelcus is one of the newest applications in the market that is compatible with all of the IOS devices like Iphone, Ipod touch and Ipad. It has been developed by Rus Wizards. It is not concerned to any specific generation. Anyone can play it and love it. It is very easy to use and uses one of the simplest user interface I’ve ever seen. The gaming controls are clean and clear. Just push the play button and there you go. The aim of the mission is to take the flying saucer to the black hole. But it’s not that easy. It’s a game and a game is never complete without a villain to stop you from reaching home. Here, the role is being played by enemy UFOs and electric grids being supported at the side walls. Just go through the maze passing by these enemies carefully because once you even touch them, you will lose your life and reach the starting point again.

So, there’s nothing much immaterial show off element in the game and that’s what I liked most. It is a pure gaming experience and it is so addictive that once you get started, I bet you won’t last it before completing at least first 5 levels. After that, you’ll have to buy the rest of the gaming levels for a cheap price of £0.69 which is totally a deserving price for the material you will be getting. Also, there are no advertisements or pop-ups. So, you can get a piece of solace with this amazing game all alone and then share your scores with your friends of facebook and twitter with just a touch!

The layout of the game is simple and colorful with purple background complimenting the catchy sounds very well. The navigation of the saucer is obtained by tilting the screen left or right. So, there are no buttons to be used which adds to the difficulty faced in passing those electric grids. The difficulty level increases gradually as you go higher and higher deep into the engaging maze designs. The game works smooth and some twitter related problems and bugs related issues have also been resolved in the new version of the game.

On the whole, Tarelcus is the perfect option for a gamer who is looking for nothing else but some interesting and challenging tasks being given to him to accomplish. You will thoroughly enjoy each and every level. There could have been some more levels added as I don’t want it to end. But the bottom line of the show is that you should definitely try it out. Even it is free for the first 5 levels. So, give it a shot and I know that you won’t let it go before finishing all the paid levels.

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  1. Mike

    I have played in this game. I would like to leave a feedback connected with it.
    It’s a great game. I was pleased with gaming it. Thanks guys!


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