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For agile project methodologies you can use the Targetprocess site. You can make your agile development simple and visible. There is provision of Quick setup for Scrum, Kanban or your own unique process.

It is possible to visualize development flow using Kanban Board. Kanban is a very powerful way to reveal bottlenecks in development process. You may customize your flow, set limits, track progress via cumulative flow and cycle time charts

There is Scrum, Lean, and Extreme Programming – where you can setup any development process for any project. You have many features like Customize development flow, terms and practices, creating your own development process. It is a really flexible way to support various teams and projects in

There is Plan of several releases for different projects on one screen using drag and drop. You can visual aids like color coding, releases timeline, forecasted end date simplify planning process.

You can run daily meetings using interactive Task Board. There is possible to change task states, update remaining time, add impediments and re-assign tasks. You can monitor development progress using unique and comprehensive reports. It has a feature to burn down charts reveal scope creep and daily progress view highlights problematic tasks and stories. You don’t need a separate application to track bugs, TargetProcess can handle it.

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  1. It is the effective agile project management tool.
  2. It is a really flexible way to support various teams and projects in
  3. Does it have free trial period?

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