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We are a bunch of friends who hang out together. We go to movies, listen to music, read books and play together. Earlier, we used to drop into movies just like that without knowing whether the movie has good reviews. We got hit many times because of this. We used to spend a lot of money and time going to movies, and we also spent more money on books as well.

How do we solve this problem?

There is a saying,
“Tell about your friend, I will tell about you.”

What is great about this principle?
You and your friends will think and behave alike. So if you tell about your friend, I will be able to tell about you.

When you and your friends are thinking alike you will like what your friends like. The movies, music, books, TV shows, podcasts, and apps whatever they use and see you will be interested in for sure.

What if I say there is an app for that?
Yes, it is.

Tastebud is an app which is more convenient for sharing and getting recommendations, which is the missing piece so far in the technology. Many thanks to the app creator Craig Ettinger for having thought about such an app.

Whatever you see, hear, read and enjoy share with your close friends. Although there are tons of review sites, which give recommendations for movies, music, books, TV, podcasts and apps, nothing is better than our friends recommend because we think alike.

Download Tastebud, an IOS app launched by By Josar Media Inc., This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This app helps you to share what you like with your friend and track recommendations from your friends on what they like. All recommendations from your friends will be stored in your profile, which makes it available for the future use. The app also helps us share the recommendations on to our social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.,

The app comes with various customizable options in which you can choose to look only at the recommendations or requests. You can also customize your news feed with any of this six categories. You can choose one or multiple categories as per your interest.

I found one of the features wherein people can request specific recommendations around entertainment options very interesting. It gave me more options for entertainment from my earlier watching movies. The recommendations were not just random ones but suiting me personal preferences where I am passionate about and suits my hobbies.

You can also get notified when your friends send a request, and also you can like the recommendations from your friends and become their followers.

Book recommendations are something I really love. It saves me a lot of money. I spend a lot of money buying books from Amazon. I used to face a lot of problems selecting books based on Amazon reviews since sometimes I used to find fake reviews. After buying a book based on the reviews, I find certain books uninteresting. It cost me a lot of money. Tastebud was really a boon. I am able to buy books based on the interest of my friends, and I also recommend books for them, which is interesting for me.

It really makes life enjoyable and lot easier. In this age of information overload, apps like Taste bud are our saviors. We can’t be spending our precious time & money on everything. Taste bud saves us both Time & money.

Worth Having App – Download the App