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TeamWox is an online team collaboration software that helps in the management of different business activities in a very efficient manner. This software has various features with which a company can organize all its business activities, employee related activities and day to day activities in a hassle-free manner. The TeamWox collaborative software uses the cloud computing concept through which the storage and retrieval of documents can be done in an effective way. It also helps to maintain a good customer relationship with your clients by keeping track of all their details and responding to their service requests in a prompt and timely manner.


TeamWox offers various services some of which are CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Document Management, HRM (Human Resource Management), Task Management, Service Desk (Help Desk) facility, Collaboration and Voice Communication (IP PBX), Email Client etc. TeamWox is an Online Groupware and Collaboration Software which acts as a complete management tool to run an entire business in a smooth fashion. This web app also provides other services such as Online Assistant and efficient ways to keep track of the financial transactions in a business.


Client Information is one of the most important data in any kind of business and it is essential that we maintain and update this information from time to time. Using TeamWox software you can maintain valuable client information efficiently and also access this data very easily. You can also setup access rights for all client information.


This feature helps to maintain all the information and data about your employees. The HRM property assists users in storing time sheet related information for each and every employee.

Task Manager:

The Task Manager helps in assigning tasks and it keeps track of all information related to a particular task such as to whom was the task assigned, what decision was made, the related files and all the details pertaining to the task. This feature also generates a report using the Automated Task Manager tool which gives an overall picture of the team productivity.

IP PBX Telephone System:

This helps you to make phone calls both internally and externally. There is also an option through which you can connect the TeamWox with your current service provider and cut organizational costs to a great extent.

Online Chat:

This helps the business to communicate with both their clients and their employees. The chat is very secure, which enables the users to share any confidential information.

Document Management:

This module helps the users to upload and store any type of document. Document Management in TeamWox collaboration software helps the organizations to carry out the teamwork in using the documents. The team members can easily amend the versions and electronically sign the documents.


TeamWox Groupware and Online Collaborative Software is a very effective solution for an organization to maintain and keep track of its activities in a very orderly fashion. The software is available for free for organizations with 10 users and for companies with more than 10 users, the pricing varies depending on the number of users. You can always try this software with the free version and evaluate whether it is suitable for your organization before making the purchase; it is surely worth your money.

Good – Great deal of services and variety of features.

Bad – The software could have tools to cater to the area of marketing and sales.

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  1. mary

    Thanks for the detailed review of the system. I also use a system which helps to run the office and this is Comindware task management system. It has the same features but mostly it concentrates on the task management features and the only pity is that my system doesn’t have any options to work with phone calls.


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