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Tell my Circle is a great way to earn rewards, discounts or other recognitions for a simple thing: recommend the business to your circle of friends. Tell my Circle is a great service that provides you with information about your friend’s recommendations as well as yours. Whether you think that you’re a good influencer or not, Tell my Circle helps you keep track of the people you have influenced. In fact, Tell my Circle provides a great way to group your friends and let them know about the business right on the website! Other people using Tell my Circle have also logged in and browsed through the recommendations, so if you have a business, it might just be a good thing to promote it through Tell my Circle. One of the things that distinguishes Tell my Circle is that you can browse from fitness center recommendations to things like relationship advice websites. The possibilities are just endless!

Tell my circle is a free service and it lets you create your own account or just log in with your Facebook account, which makes it even easier to sign-up. So how do you share or recommend? Register your social networks with Tell my Circle and start recommending! Their website looks great and it has a lot of potential to keep adding more features as new members arrive. The site is easy to navigate but the search option needs a bit more work regarding categories for each subject. If you already know what you are looking for, you can type it in the search bar and head directly to your destination.

Tell my Circle even includes Live Chat, which provides you with a great way to get to know more about the website and have a few questions answered. If you have friends, you can keep up with the businesses or recommendations that you have included on your page, the methods that you used to share it and the people that you have influenced. By using your Facebook profile to log in, you have already set up your profile on Tell my Circle and, in future updates where you will be able to add information about yourself. Tell my Circle provides a Feedback section in which you can submit an idea and vote for existing ideas. Tell my Circle could become a key aspect of your business once you start influencing a lot of people. The best part about it is that you can keep track of the people you have influenced and share it with possible employers in the future. Just think about it, if you can convince other people to try out new things, you may as well be a future leader when it comes to business.

If you have a business, Tell my Circle can provide you with a business account that also provides you with a monthly newsletter. Tell my Circle can teach you about business lessons such as pricing, a resource library so that you can learn new things and you can review User Community to see where your business is at. There is a reason why Tell My Circle has been nominated for the Small Business Influencer award for 2011, which is why you should check this service out. With so many tools out there to be a great business, Tell my Circle is a good website to have on hand. It doesn’t even matter if you do not have a business because other key events such as fundraisers are also recommendations in Tell my Circle, so try it for free and witness the power of Networking!

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