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When you have a company or business, one of the first things you have to do is promote it by using marketing strategies. Many of these are already overused, such as telemarketing, which can prove to be annoying for many customers. So then there are newspaper, social network, search engines and other types of ads such as banners among others. Textburst provides marketing in a new and refreshing kind of way; through a text message! While writing normal messages that can be no more than 160 characters, Textburst almost triplicates that limit when it comes to SMS. Whether you have a big, small or a humble business, Textburst can be a great, affordable tool when it comes to bulk SMS with the simplicity of typing your text right on your computer, adding your contacts and sending it in a matter of minutes.

Textburst provides an easy to use website which includes contact lists made up of individuals or groups. These allow you to personalize each message by putting in some contact information for each individual and inserting opt out information on the text message. Opt out information may not be the best thing for your business, yet it is better to keep that friendly relationship with that customer rather than have them complain about text messages on review pages. You can also add your company name or brand each text message which would make it look professional and captivating. You have the option to choose when the message will roll out: in the present day or in the future, which allows you to have that ready in advance.

On your page, you can check out the list of sent SMS, recently received messages, a logical menu system and last but not least, pie graphs that relay the status of your campaign in an organized visual format. You can check out the content, how many people actually got the text message, the percentage of people that didn’t, which allows you to share the status with your co-workers or employees. You can even download that information and send it to Excel, so you can have those documents on a spreadsheet. One of the useful things we found on Textburst is that it allows you to integrate Microsoft Outlook with their web application as well.

You are allowed to view the results of this application on clients that are already using Textburst, which are very interesting to see and helpful as to where your business may go if all goes well. You can also check out their tour on their website, which allows you to check out their service with detailed explanations. They do not offer a free trial; however, they do not make you sign any kind of contract and there are no extra fees other than what you pay to have the text messages sent. So you get the text messages and the website where you can personalize them and view your progress, which is very useful to have in one place.

When it comes to pricing, Textburst charges you, not per package of texts, but per texts that were sent. In other words, Textburst only charges you for the messages that do go out and does not charge you in advance for text messages that you may not even send, saving you money along the way. If you will send more than 50,000 SMS, you can get a quote directly from them to lower the price per text message. As far as the pricing per text goes, it can be as low as ten cents per text message or five pence depending on where you are located. Textburst is a great marketing strategy, at a low and cost effective price.

Visit this site at http://www.mediaburst.co.uk/textburst/ and post your reviews as comments.



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