The Benefits of KPI Alerts Professional App

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KPI Alerts Professional is an iTunes app functional in iPhones, iPads and iPod touch requiring minimally the iOS 5.1. Its latest upgrade release was Jan 30, 2015 which received amplified functions and usability.

This app targets to make monitoring all your business’ KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) a breeze by using a single, simple yet direct integrated panel interface. Monitor all performance charts, bars and data and make smart decisions more easily.Among its features you are capable of collecting data automatically from diverse sources and e-mails, it has easy to install functionality, intuitive and simple user interface that’s easy to use and read from, KPI customization and selective output and secure cloud database on Amazon’s hosting services platform.Similar to other analytics platforms this app makes reading your business possible down to the second and enables you to make decisions quicker.

You can expand certain activities or marketing models or you can shut down specific operations all together simply checking their metrics performance.For example. If you start a campaign to gain more users you can check user interaction on a second basis, see if your user data base is responding well to your marketing campaign efforts and see if it’s growing. You can then either choose to continue implementing a specific strategy or quit it as you go.Sales performance is also viewable on the app. So you can measure which products are selling the most and link them to specific marketing campaigns so that you may know which metrics, demographics, interests and much more you’ve targeted that have been working.

Also, you can analyze if specific traffic sources, marketing models such as CPC, CPI, CPL or CPS are effective and are working.SEO marketing campaigns to increase organic traffic exposure can also be implemented and enhanced. You can see whether your SEO campaigns for specific keywords are working all by measuring if your traffic has increased in the app. If you have an increase in the KPI Alerts Professional then that might be a good indicator that what you are doing is working and therefore you need to keep it going.Select also which stocks you’d like to follow. For stock investors and people that need the latest trends in the ups and downs of the stock market being able to see this info quick at hand is very powerful. You can make choices to either choose or sell in a second.

All you have to do is choose which stocks to follow or commodities such as the price of gold or silver and then choose to either buy or sell.The amount of information at first may seem overwhelming so this app makes it incredibly easy for you to just select which KPIs or info you want to get through your app. But as you get more familiar with decision making you’ll be able to handle more decisions at a quicker pace. Download this app today and see how you too can make your business benefit from smarter decision making now.

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