The Best Security App for Your Beloved Smart Phone – PIN Genie Locker!

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Today’s world is entirely dependent on technology and people have started considering their smartphones as their workplace with almost all the important information related to their work is stored in it. And even the most personal things, which cannot be shared with anyone out there, is in the same small technology miracle. But there is always a constant fear of phones or the information stored in them being stolen away by some thief or intruder who wants to cause harm or loss to the owner. For such instances, one must always be ready in the protection of their phones against any kind of odds and unexpected casualties. The saviour for the smartphone users is the PIN Genie Locker, the no. 1 app in the world for smart phone’s security.

Just like security being taken for other valuable assets, everyone needs one security guard for their smartphones, too. And to fill that empty gap, this lock screen guard app will satisfy all your needs and requirements for the specific trust oriented job. It has already been a huge hit among its users on the google Play store with excellent reviews and comments on its download page itself.


The practical features

· Smart and intelligent pin pad design – The most interesting thing to work with is its pin pad design which is hard for anyone to just peep and understand and implement later on your phone in your absence.

· It’s linguistic – Having an interface that can be used in multiple international languages for its customers worldwide. English, Spanish & Portuguese cover almost the whole of the world.

· Trespassers will be prosecuted – It has made the process of catching intruders in your smart phone quite easily by auto snapping their faces and straight away mailing you on your email id.

· Makes your tasks simpler – The automatic notification bar helps you to reach to your messages and call history with a single swipe & pin entering.

· The official locking pattern – The 4 pin pad design has been officially patented by the PIN Genie Locker for its usage.

The pros of using the PIN Genie Locker

· Offers you much more in terms of security than the conventional company lock screen settings.

· Low on memory and load for your smartphone and its ram respectively.

· Attractive lock screen wallpapers online for your style and attitude.

· Excellent working and reviews from the customers already using it.

· Locks your phone after 3 wrong entries as a safety measure.

· Inconvenience free.

The cons

Just like two sides of a coin, there are few faults reported by some of the customers for the app being stuck in the middle of the process and problems during downloading from the play store. All the bugs and flaws have been worked upon and removed with the recent updates of the app. Still any kind of inconvenience reported will be treated with utmost attention and care to rectify.


If you are popping up your eyes for a trustworthy and reliable partner for the security of your most beloved smartphone with value added features, PIN Genie Locker is the best choice for you. Stop waiting and watching out, download and enjoy the most preferred security app for smartphones in the world.

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