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The Weatherback Weather App is an Android based app with an aim of bringing various weather effects to your home screen without the need for a live wallpaper that could possibly slow down your device or contribute to shrinking your battery at a faster rate. The app comes with a number of different effects which change themselves according to the time of day, whether it is sunny, cloudy, rainy or dusty or even when the sun is going down. There are quite some reasons as to why you should use this app but one of the main reasons should be that you can continue using your favourite wallpaper whilst still enjoying the nice-looking effects that this app has to offer.

How the App Works

You need to first download the Weatherback App from the Google Play Store. You can choose between the free version and the Pro version (for less than $2). Once downloaded, you can now open the app to view your current wallpaper as well as the weather. With the Pro version, unlike the free version, you can access a good amount of effects to be applied to your wallpaper, giving you a sense of control over your app. You can tweak a number of things in the settings of the unlocked Pro version. You can even prevent the app from using your data if you are on a tight allowance. I got quite some subtle yet attractive effects to play around with in the settings area of the app. I also did not notice any rise in battery consumption whilst using it on my Samsung Galaxy Edge. This would however have to be confirmed across various models. You can mute any effects that you do not like or choose the intensity of each effect. You also have an option to choose random effects as opposed to the regular weather effects. Also, get to choose using your current location for weather updates or set it to a single location. Set your app to either use Wi-Fi or cellular data.

My Take The Weatherback Wallpaper App is a new and fun way to bring the weather live on your home screen, rather than your usual live wallpaper. In addition to new interactive effects, you get to call the shots with regards to how exactly you want your effects to appear. I have played with the live wallpaper options that are offered everywhere but they always seem to be messy, sometimes even with my web launcher while other effects just seem drain out the battery.

My experience with the Weatherback App is totally different, with a subtle effect which really look nice on the screen. The App simply works for you; not the other way around. Pros · The app looks great both on smartphones and tablets without affecting the quality of the original image · Effects are completely customizable according to your liking · There is a wide number of effects to choose from and you can choose to sync them with your local weather patterns or have a random selection of effects flow · With this app, you do not necessarily need to have a live app on your smartphone or tablet.

Cons ·

The wind and snow effects is not featured yet, but it is coming soon · Effect randomization without weather preferences would be nice if considered.


� Speed (4/5) – quick and easy to get and set up with no significant effects on system performance

� Features (4/5) – without the need of a live wallpaper, you have some extra flare on your screen, which is even livelier.

� Theme (4/5) – the effects are simply mind-blowing. An additional wind and snow effect makes it even more interesting.

� Overall (4/5) – This is a solid app that brings more life and nature to your smart gadget(s) without draining your battery or lagging your performance. In Conclusion: This is the app for all nature lovers out there. While it might as well not appeal everyone, it is a great way to theme your devices while bringing your outdoors closer to you. It is time to get rid of those battery-draining live wallpapers and welcome an intuitive fun app with themes and effects worth looking at.

Worth Having App – Download the App