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I found this Vegas downtown casino app to be very entertaining for my taste. I love playing all types of games on my phone and this one was definitely right up my alley. I have been playing casino games for a while and right now my favorite has been Big Fish casino, so with this app online I can see it expanding into just that. A great big online casino app where you can play all of the card and machine slot casino games.

It would be great if this app brought to life the very card casino games we used to play face to face with friends and family. Like the card game casino, speed, maybe pitty pat (refurbished in all) of course spades are a given. Also Texas holdem, and I would like to mention even though it is a single player game, I would like to see people play for money playing a very complicated spider/regular solitaire (Revamped). Those would be future ideas I just wanted to throw out there. You would be surprised at how many people actually miss games like that and would enjoy playing their favorite games revamped internet style just like our favorite arcade games that we as most game lovers love to play at times.

Playing this has actually made me want to keep the app and grow my credits. I love the graphics and the color coordination throughout the app. I also like the fact that there are other options available to play other slots within the Vegas downtown casino app as well. The slots should not take as long also for a person to hit. The only way to “game-natize” a true gamer is if your giving them more chances to win so they can play more.

While I have not ran out of credits yet, I will soon on purpose just to see how long it takes to get back free credits when I leave and come back the next day so I can play again. Most apps automatically within 24hrs of your return credit you over again just for coming back to play so if the process takes longer than that, they might have to tweak something. Overall this app fits right in with the big players in the internet gaming apps pool. When I game I game to the absolute fullest, I feel the Vegas downtown casino has mostly everything I need in a online casino gaming app.

Pros: Very fun, classic, entertaining, made me keep the app to play further into seeing how far winnings and bonuses go.

Cons: Try to stand out more from all the rest, add games you think or know people might miss and wish they could play right now, and create a way that gives people more chances at winning more prizes. Don’t just stick with the slots, think old school but with a new school touch.

Overall perfect for any gamer easy to download and play right away, it’s an awesome from me.

Worth Having App – Download the App