The Second Annual Competition of Animation Desk

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Creativity knows no boundary and if you can stay creative even on the go then it not only caters to your urge for being creative but also keep you entertained even during the most boring trip. The new software, Animation desk for the iPhone has made it possible and it has been rated high by the users who have downloaded and used this one. Animation, which is known to be the best way of creation, is the main feature of this application developed by Kdan Mobile Software and can be downloaded easily to your iPhone. It is priced as low as $1.99 to make it absolutely affordable.


  • The Animation desk software is downloadable for iPhone, iPad and iPad touch.
  • The interface you work in is attractive and keeps you motivated with realistic options.
  • You can share your final work with your friends through Facebook and other iPhone devices. You can upload it to YouTube too.
  • The application comes with sound effect which makes your animation come alive. You can post it with or without the sound effect.
  • There are foreground and middle ground layer available for the application.
  • The size of the application is 48.8 MB.
  • It is available in many languages namely, English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish.
  • It allows you to use static and dynamic images in the background and you can incorporate any picture from your mobile as a background here.
  • Detailed editing is possible with this software that enables 300% zoom for better viewing.
  • The numerous painting tool is available for use including bucket fill, crayon, brushes and more. You can change the capacity and size of the brushes and other tools. Stamp tool is a great addition to the application which allows you to copy a shape and insert an area of the picture to some other part.
  • It is now possible to send animated e-cards to your friends and family with this application.
  • There are 44 colors that you can use while making your animated picture.
  • Saving, editing, copying and deleting is done just at a click. You can also save your creation in the PDF format. This powerful frame management makes it absolutely great to use.
  • The second version 2.0 is available with more features than the previous one.


The application, Animation Desk is going to tickle your creative side with lots of available options and tools. You can use your animated work for your projects or can just upload it for your friends and let them recognize your talent. The availability in several languages makes it even more acceptable.

Good: The application is available at a very cheap rate compared to the features that it offers. It has all tools that would be required to make animation look professional.

Bad: It does not come with the vector drawing option and is not compatible with any device except iPhone and iPad.

Special Offer:

There is a new contest announced by the provider of Animation desk which would be open till October 4th 2012. You can submit your best work done with the software after updating it to 2.0 versions. You can use playback speed; 3FPS, 6FPS and 12FPs for your work. The application is going to make your iPhone a creative corner for you and if you want to download it free, and then download this between 30th August and 3rd September.

Take Part in The Second Annual Competition of Animation Desk

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