Three Defenders (Free) and See if you can Defend your Castle

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If you are a real action game lover, then you should have played a number of defender games that require attentiveness and a lot of action. However, most of the games in the play store in that category are either quite costly or is limited to one character. This time you have something special to play with, the new game Three Defenders is quite interesting and its three characters make the game really special. Three Defenders (Free) is the demo version of the game which is a paid one and it will give you a feel of the real version of the game.

Three Defenders (Free), presented by solid game studio is full of action and the superb graphics of the game will attract you towards it. You can choose from three characters to play with, Engineer, Mage, and ranger. To describe the character of Ranger, it is for them who want to go a bit slow about skill improvement as this character increases passive skills as the game improves. With Mage you will have more interaction with the game as the player is more demanding. You will love playing the speed it has to offer. You will have different spells and will be able to buy better spells to score more. Engineer falls somewhere between the two. Each character will have different abilities and skills and they can be improved. You can collect gold while you defend your castle. There are a total of 58 villages which are the 58 levels of the game. There are many more features which require mention.


  • Three Defenders (Free) is an action game where you have to defend your castle and save it from monsters.
  • There are a total of 58 villages which means there are a total of 58 levels in the game.
  • The game has three unique characters, mage, ranger and engineer. You can choose the character according to your playing skill.
  • Each of the character will have special skills and abilities which can also be improved.
  • The store has a total of 59 weapons which you can buy and upgrade.
  • You can use a total of 4 spells in one game.
  • In each level, you will have to fight 5 waves of savage monster. Once you win a level, new villages will be unlocked.
  • There are 31 uniquely designed monsters in the game.
  • You have 6 different environments to choose from and each environment will change the view of the game.
  • You can choose your own path in the non linear world.
  • There are 28 skills you can buy and upgrade.
  • You can get 6 soundtracks that are designed for the game.
  • The game requires android 4.0 or later and takes around 54 MB space on your device.
  • The version 1.0.7 has many new updates.
  • Remember it is a demo version. To play limitlessly, you need to download the paid game.

Summary:Three Defenders (Free) is a demo version of the defender game Three Defenders and here you get three characters to play with. The game comes with numerous levels and difficulties.

Good: The graphics of the game is amazing and the sound tracks make the game even more attractive.

Bad:There is nothing bad reported about the game yet.



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