TicToe Fury: A Traditional Game with Modern Twist

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Majority of people out there love their play stations more than their pastas, their gadgets more than adorable compared to their glass of wine at a restaurant. All these people belong to the touch generation where playing games on androids is as easy as A, B, C. The newest trend on the block is playing games on androids phones on the move. The games you can buy through iTunes are sometime so fascinating that you will surely feel like being addicted to them. Tic toe fury is one such phenomenal game presented to your by S.A.S. © 2012 wOzy.

No matter what your age is, tic-tac-toe is sure to have been a favorite of you as a child, and you are sure to get engrossed once more in the android version of this game. So keeping in mind the needs and likes of people Ecorganix S.A.S. © 2012 wOzy has modified the original version of tic-tac toe and have reintroduced it as Tic-Toe Fury. It is like “old wine in a new bottle” but with an added panache. The improved graphics, new options and much more, add even more pizzazz to this game which takes you trip down the memory lane every time you play it. It is even a better version of the original tic- toe Fury with a strategic twist in the end. People who have played this game during their childhood are sure to fall in love with it all over again. Downloadable to your IDevices, this 2.0 version of the game is a must have at just $1.99.


  • A version of the original tic-tac though, it involves strategic thinking that takes the game to a new level.
  • IOS 5.1 or later is required for playing this game on your IDevices.
  • The game is downloadable in languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Polish, German, Swedish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
  • The graphics and the intricacies of each level are sure to enthrall the gamers.
  • It is a turn based game, so it can be switched to a multiplayer version easily. You can play this game with your friend to get the spirit of childhood back.
  • It can be played on an iPads, iPod touch, and iphone and so on.
  • The replay facilities are impressive with strong values.
  • There are over thirty achievements to acquire in each level that will leave gamers brain storming, and salivating for even more.
  • Enables you to change music and names, and comes with an outstanding selection of background music.
  • Smooth and metal graphics and other secret features are sure to give you a surprise you always longed for.
  • The game has provisions for taking screen shots and sending them over to your friends.
  • It uses fluent animation techniques with a captivating display.
  • The game is universal; you can play wherever you want.
  • The supper enthusiasts are going to get more excited with the score ladder.
  • The scores can be shared through the internet and multiple players can join them.


Tic-toe fury is a truly special App designed by wOzy, designer of many popular Apps. With improved strategic twist, new graphics and more achievements, this game is a must have in your android device.


The best part of the game is that it does not take up much of your phone memory (only around 36mb) and takes remarkably little time to get installed. The segregated levels of beginner and experts help you to get a grasp of the game before you proceed. The game received excellent reviews from users that actually matters.


The presence of so many matches after unlocking the first marker is a tad too much at times. People may tend to get bored if there is such a long gap in their winning streak.


Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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