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Do you like games that make you a little frustrated yet excited at the same time? Or, are you just looking for something to push your gaming skills to the limit without having to learn complicated game mechanics? Well, Tilt the Gaps may just be the right game for you.

About Tilt the Gaps
This android game is developed by Benyan Ephrem. Now, what makes this simple game stand out from the rest is its simplicity yet challenging game play. To play the game, all you have to do is tilt the ball using your android device to make it go through the gaps in the passing bars. The more gaps you pass, the more points you earn.

Install and Play
With the game’s simple game-play, you won’t have to read long sets of instructions or go through some sort of training to start playing; it’s a pretty straight forward game that doesn’t have a long learning curve. In most cases, one look at the game is what a new user would need to figure out how the game works. It is that easy.

No Permissions Needed
Majority of games made for android usually ask for special permissions to do certain things on your phone, which may make you a little hesitant in installing and playing them. After all, you wouldn’t want any app to do weird things on your device. With this simple tilting game, you won’t have to worry about that. It doesn’t need any permission. It won’t try to access stored information and modify files on your phone or tablet. Your android equipment is safe and secure with this game app.

Low Requirements
Have you ever wondered why the coolest games have the highest requirements and wished that they would somehow tone them down? The good thing about Tilt the Games is its low hardware requirements. This means you can play it even if you don’t have a fast smart device; you can start passing the games even with your old android device.

Small File Size
Are you worried about android games occupying too much of your storage space? Fortunately, that won’t be a problem with this game. It’s only as large as 7.6mb; you can install it without running out of space for your other files.

Exciting Game
Simple doesn’t mean boring. With its mechanics, you may find yourself obsessively trying to the highest score you can reach. And, as you progress, the rectangles move faster, making the game more difficult. Also, its changing colors and rectangle cycles helps provide fun game-play that never gets old.

Tilt the Gap’s Disadvantage
Unfortunately, this game is not without any disadvantage and that would be its under-development nature. Since the game is still a work in-progress. You will probably encounter some bugs while playing the game. However, that won’t probably a problem in the near future because its developer is working hard to make this gaming app better.

Playing Tilt the Gaps
Here are specific instructions on how to play this fun game:
1. Flatly hold your device before it starts.
2. Move the ball through the gaps in the moving rectangles by tilting the ball.
3. Get as many points as you can by avoiding solid portions of moving rectangles.

Overall, Tilt the gaps is a must have game app for those who want to play challenging games without worrying about hardware requirements and complicated gaming instructions. Despite its simplicity, it is a fun game to play that will probably never leave your android device.

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