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It is the service provider where one can utilize and experience the highly-practical app which could let you monitor the time spent both by you and those under your authority on projects. By time conscious it is very facile to get daily and weekly overview of how much time has any activity taken. It is possible that the data can be exported to other apps such as Excel for creating reports in a facile way. So it is possible that one can very well able to group the users in teams.

It is one of the merit related application, where one can utilize to great extent for small and medium-sized firms. It is possible that simply require tracking how much time has been spent on each individual task for billing the clients more accurately.

It perfectly works on the browser and no need to install on your own servers. It also comes in a free trail package so that the global users can utilize in a constructive manner.

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Visit this site at http://www.timeduty.com and post your reviews as comments

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