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How about getting connected to the global anthology of different captured photos? This will not only offer an incredible opportunity to enjoy fascinating images but also create an amazing spectacle worth sharing. The TimeSet Inc. have decided to take user’s considerations by coming up with the incredible TimeSet app. Designed with a great focus of boosting photography and travel, this amazing app uses the social platform. This is meant to ensure that its users not only capture spectacular images but also share and interact with other explorers under the same platform. Some of the essential features integrated include a well-designed user interface, bucketlist feature and a chance to create a community based on closely-related exploration interests. Surely, as an ardent photo lover and explorer, one can’t miss such super awesome experience!

The Operation

The app has displayed user-friendly and intuitive features which makes it pretty easy to use. In order to get started with the app, the user will be required to create an account. The account can either be linked to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to enhance quick login. The app presents then presents a tab where one can easily update different profile information as a form of identity. With its interactive nature, one will be prompted to make new friends by sending them requests that require their approval.

The next thing will involve capturing of geo-tagged photos from exploration where they can be saved and edited or posted directly to the Timefeed. Different users can make comments, likes, follow new locations and also share it with other friends. Actually, TimeSet app aims at achieving an amazing social connection while allowing individuals to share their exploration experiences.

Features identified in TimeSet app:

Get a bucketlist

Ready for an imminent exploration? This can start by coming up with an amazing bucketlist that is well-tailored to the expected needs and preferences. With TimeSet app, the entire process has been eased through provision of different categories that one can choose from. These ranges from fashion, art, business, entertainment, music to even specific interests like art and design, movie watching and finance. Bucketlist can always bring together same-minded individuals.

Formulate goals

Any exploration activity undertaken by an individual should be aimed at bringing ultimate satisfaction. This can only be achieved if the goals are well stipulated. Through the TimeSet app, an individual can set goals which can be listed under the bucketlist. Once they are competed, such exploration can be shared with other individuals where they can give their opinion and even add more posts to the set goals. For instance “Go to the Movies” can be an interactive goal set by an individual.

Share exploration journey

TimeSet app gives the user the power to exhibit in details the entire experience encountered in an amazing adventure. Actually, an individual can post different, well-organized photos with geo-location information. Thus, other users and friends can follow up systematically the entire journey of exploration from such an individual.

Upload geo-tagged photos

Interestingly, this fantastic app facilitates capturing of high quality photos that contain great resolution. This is why it is compatible with high-performing devices. The user can post as many geo-tagged photos as possible which will appear at the Timefeed. With the interactive social platform, it becomes quite easy for that photo to be identified and receive different likes, comments and shares. Other users can also follow such locations where the photo was captured.

Check new places

This app contains built-in map that is intended to offer global coverage of different locations. As a user, one can commence a journey of discovering new locations that are worth exploring. This simply implies that TimeSet app provides lots of geo-tagged photos that can highly help an individual to discover fantastic locations in the world. One can then get ready to explore them and share such experiences!

Pros and Cons

They include the following:


· Amazing view of unique images

· An intuitive platform for interaction

· A great link to global exploration

· Fantastic experience sharing photos

· High quality graphics and design


· Minor issue with bugs

· Network problem slows down performance


TimeSet app brings a clear picture of how capturing photos while travelling and exploring can be quite fascinating. It goes ahead to apply customized features that allow its user to create a bucket list, set goals and interact freely with the best audience. It is simply the best app to facilitate such combination when it comes to real-time social posting. It is currently compatible with Android device (version 4.1 and up). Download it for free from the Google Play and explore globally!

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