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Ask anyone to list five ‘do good apps’ and chances are that the name Tinbox will be listed.

To understand why this application is in many ways revolutionary, you need to first understand the unique selling proposition behind this application. The app users make a daily donation to a charity of their choice. Currently the donations are carped at a euro a day; what this means is that users of this application can give a maximum of euro 365 in an annual cycle. This is where things get interesting, the subscriber of this application do not give a single cent of their money!

Yes, app users don’t donate cash from their wallet( virtual or otherwise) but rather ‘vote’ on the charity of their choice.The subscribers ‘vote’ so to speak is backed by actual money by a brand- or looking at it from another angle, brands will donate a dollar for each click to a charity that has been nominated by the app user.

The advantage of this business model is evident- for the brand,it increases their visibility in the realm of corporate social responsibility and aides them track(in minute detail) their funding for various projects, for app users the beauty is that they get to have a voice on an issue they passionately believe in and better still, to make a ‘donation’. Tinbox also gets to benefit from all this in the sense that it charges the brands on board some fee for their visibility on the mobile platform.

Features of Tinbox App
15.2 MB: The size of the mobile app
English: The language used on the interface
Compatibility: Requires an iPhone operating system(iOS) 7.1 or later. It is also compatible with iPhone,iPad

Pros of the Tinbox App
Cost: It is free in the iTunes store and will only take some 20 seconds to download on a iOS 7.1 platform or higher

Interface: The interface is friendly and only requires one to execute a three operation-slide open the first page,choose a project that they desire to sponsor press the big button on the screen and make a purchase which is backed by a brand. The entire process takes no longer than a minute

Intrinsic value: Outside the technical features the other beauty of this app is that it engages people to perform acts that are in many ways selfless. It makes people pursue something other than their self aggrandizement at that moment in time
Cons of the Tinbox App

Access: You only get to access this app via your email address and you get locked out from a number of social media platforms

Overall this is an excellent app and it avoids the curse that free apps seem to fall into- a multiplicity of running adverts that distract the user plus the desire to constantly entertain the user to keep them engaged – the former is avoided no doubt on account of the fact that the app deals with social issues that afflict many a society. The money raised might seem negligible from an individual persepctive but when you leverage the fact that at the end of the day this is crowd funding with a twist(sic) you have to give the thumbs up sign to Tinbox.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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