Tiny Owls Free – An Attractive Game for All Ages

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Rescue and find games are always very interesting, and there are many games in the market that are based on this concept. This evidently proves the high success rates of these kind of games. Tiny Owls is one such rescue and find game available for iPhones that also has an enticing effect on the players. The Tiny Owls app has been developed and released by the games2be GMBH Company. The basic skill that is required to play this game is a sharp eye sight and the magic in your hands. This game helps to improve the motor skills because it needs a good hand and eye coordination.

Tiny Owls is a very interesting game with amazing and crystal clear graphics. The animation that has been done to the game is really commendable and is sure to attract all its users. In this game, the story revolves around a mother owl that tries to rescue its little owls from danger. The job of the player is to guide these owls through all different stages and landscapes. There are more than 60 stages in this game. All the stages are very unique and with a different set of challenges when compared with each other. The only thing that the player needs to pay attention to is that he or she has to carefully keep the wings of the owl from being damaged by any kid of danger; the reason is because they are very fragile. When the player rescues each and every tiny owl he or she can keep track of it from the information that is displayed in the screen about these owls; it shows the number of owls that have been rescued and also the number of owls that are yet to be rescued. This information is very useful to the players to keep track of the owls that they save. You can also see the number of lives which is left for the mother owl and can be used to cross the stages.


  • The game has the support for iPad retina display.
  • The app can be played on both iPads and iPhones since it is a universal app.
  • All the controls in the game are very easy to handle; the tilt control is an interesting way to control your owls. The user can also adjust the tilt control level in the settings options.
  • The animation and the 3D graphics in the game make your play more attractive.
  • The background music in the game is very different.
  • There are 15 levels of the game which are free to the users.
  • The settings option also allows the user turn on and off the lights that are used to guide the owls.


Tiny Owls is a very interesting game for players of all ages. This game is available for the iPhone, iPad and also the iPod users and is compatible with the iOS software 3.2 or later. The game can be downloaded from the app store for free.

Good – Easy gaming controls and interesting game play.

Bad – There can be more levels available in the free version.

Worth Having App – Download the Application


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