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Tiny Tank Combat is a simple, but fun, tank shooting game, developed by Hadi Pintarto. The rules of the game are simple – shoot down all the enemy tanks, collect the coins to gain power ups and upgrades, and be the last tank standing on the battlefield.

The gameplay is not complex, and you can choose between accelerometer based, or touch screen based controls to move your tank around. Shooting is set to automatic by default, so all you have to do is make sure you dodge the attacks from enemy tanks, and position yourself accurately to be able to hit them.

As you shoot down more tanks, the more difficult it gets to beat them, or dodge their attacks. Each time you shoot down an enemy tank, it disintegrates into a bunch of coins which you can collect, and later use to purchase various types of upgrades like increased fire rate, upgraded bullets, coins magnet, multi-shot etc.

In case you don’t have the patience to collect enough in-game currency for power ups, you can also choose to purchase the upgrades, which will cost a dollar or two each. Leader board Support is available though Game Centre and you can compare your personal scores with those of your friends or family members.

The game has a very retro-ish feel to it. Graphics appear crude, and movement can be slightly erratic at times. However, one cannot deny the fact that the game is a whole lot of fun to play. It is a simple, plain retro tank shooter, and does not promise to be anything else. Animation is average, and with a little bit of visual polish, this can be a really good game. But then it is a free download from the AppStore, and for the kind of action and fun that it offers as a free app, we can’t really complain.

Tiny Tank Combat has been developed by Hadi Pintarto, who has also created other fun retro games like Nyan Cat Fever, Soccer Euphoria and Smiley Snooker. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and requires iOS 4.0 or later.

What’s good?

  • Simple game, with simple objectives
  • High fun quotient

What can be better?

  • Animation and graphics could do with some polish

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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