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Spotify seems to be the new app in the block. It is a Swedish app that was initially available only in European countries and has expanded its horizons gradually. Imagine your mobile with an in-built radio that plays music on demand. That is exactly what Spotify has to offer. It is a webapp configurable on Windows, Mac, Linux and the likes. And unlike a radio, it plays songs stored on your playlists. The music is an online streaming of songs with pre-configured lists that needs no hard disk storage. Its privacy policy is based on DRM (Digital Rights Management) that protects the proprietary rights of the app. This disallows transfer of files onto the PC or mobile.

Working of Spotify:

Spotify can be installed on PCs, Laptops and mobile devices. Just register with Spotify on their website, download it and install it. Now you are ready to go. You now have access to tons of songs and can create your own favorite lists. The user interface of Spotify is similar to that of iTunes with a smooth transition from one screen to another. Some of its features are discussed below.

A convenient search feature that can isolate the required song( Top 10 Beatles songs ) in seconds and easy songs list creation. An intelligent song list that shows recently played and most heard songs as per your location, called a Top List. You can create your own Top List too.

A basic file manager and ability to retrieve based on parameters like artist, genre, most heard etc.Its integration with facebook and twitter enables the user to share playlists and songs with friends.By setting the priority on your favorite playlists will get synced to either your phone or PC so that it is available offline too. It is as easy as switching on option ‘available offline‘. (Available on premium pack)

The songs are buyable immediately without hassles. Each song can be downloaded 3-5 times after being bought. Since all the tracks are in your account, they can be accessed from any internet connected device including home stereo systems, digital TVs, Boxee, Sonos, Logitech Squeezebox etc. (Premium Pack)

Spotify Apps:

These refer to apps within an app. You can find these apps by clicking on ‘App Finder’ under APPS. There is variety of Spotify apps ( Top 10 Spotify App ) set to provide you guaranteed satisfaction of a whole new musical experience. For example, the Rolling Stone app provides good music reviews, TuneWiki reveals the lyrics for the requested songs, MoodAgent suggests music according to your mood and many such exciting apps are available just by clicking on ‘Add’.

Subscription Deals:

Three deals are available to subscribe to. Spotify free has unlimited listening time for 6 months after which it is reduced to 10 hrs per month. Spotify unlimited is available for $4.99 or 4.99 Euros per month. Spotify Premium is available for $9.99 or 9.99Euros per month. The Help section of the application covers customer support and other help queries. For advertising and partnership information, a contact form must be submitted.

It’s a whole new world out here in Spotify where you can discover new music, learn more about your favorite artists, create Top 10 Playlists, share the same with the world, in short keep yourself up to date in the music world.


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