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A new browsing tool, has been introduced into the web with the motto of making the web browsing experience even more enjoyable for the users. With time internet has developed as one of the largest resources of information; and in order to grab the right information and assistance right at the time you need it; the users need to depend on the browsing tools. These applications popularly known as browsers go through the millions of servers and the data stored in them and comes up with the right bit of information the user is looking for. is such a browsing tool which can make the web experience of the user even more seamless. The latest application has been designed with the aim to make the browsing experience not only smooth but also enthralling for the user.

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Top Similar Sites is a free tool that helps the user to find out similar sites on the web. The way of using the tool is simple; the user only needs to enter the URL of the website in the search box of the tool; and the tool will come up with a list of similar sites. Top Similar Sites is designed for simplicity, and it can be used just like any other web browser. The application can be hugely helpful for searching out important websites of interest. In case of loss of bookmarks from your regular browser due to an up-gradation this application can be very useful to find out the site URLs you have lost, without much of a hassle. It can also be useful to find out interesting and helpful new sites.


  • Top Similar Sites is a web base browsing tool designed for finding out similar sites across the web.
  • The application has a simple interface; and can be easily navigated.
  • The application has a great speed; so once you put in your search URL, you need not to wait even for a whole second; in the next moment the tool provides you with a list of similar sites.
  • There is no limit in the number of similar sites found; the tool comes up with all the available and similar websites on the net.
  • The result page of the application is arranged in a simple way from which the result URLs can be easily picked.
  • All the URLs shown in the result page are active and can be easily traced through the link provided in the result.
  • The search result page also contains a short description about the site you have entered in the search box.
  • The application is regularly updated; so there is no chance to miss even a single new addition and you can be always sure to get a comprehensive search result.
  • The tool is available online for free.

Summary: The latest web browsing application Top Similar Sites is a free available online service that can be very useful to find out similar sites of interest; and also new and interesting websites with similar functionality.

Good: The application is highly useful for the net savvy people, and it is available absolutely for no charge.

Bad: There has been no negative report about the application so far.

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